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= Zoë Maya Castillo = Dreamfall Chapters }} '''Dreaming''' is the fourth chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and the second chapter in Book Two Rebels. It follows Zoë from her dream through her search for Hanna Roth in Propast. == Summary == FileAbnaxusdream.png... or the shaper of worlds? === Zoë The Border Mountains === The chapter begins a week after we last saw Zoë. She is in a dream in a place called the "Border Mountains", where she meets Abnaxus and one of the Oular. Abnaxus shows Zoë Lux, the First Dreamer, noting that if Lux dies, then time and the universe as everyone knows it will cease to exist the universe itself is the dream of the First Dreamer. === Zoë Propast === ==== Zoë Zoë's Appartment, Europolis ==== When Zoë gets up and leaves the apartment she notices that EYE is out in even greater force, and have barred off several streets; she is even accosted herself by an EYE operative who tells her that anyone without cause to go outside is to stay indoors, but she manages to rebuff him by pointing out that she has an appointment with Roman Zelenka. Outside Roman's officie, she meets Nela Vlček who has had calmed down since they last met and she relays Zoë what information she has about Hanna Roth. ==== Zoë Dr. Roman's office ==== During her appointment with Roman, she talks about the strange dreams she's been having, noticing how lucid they are. After Zoë leaves, Falk Friedman enters Roman's office, much to the latter's discomfort. Roman notices to Friedman that he is increasingly uneasy with their arrangement, but Friedman just coldly replies him that it is because of that arrangement he still has a job and his employer could easily take it away from him. Reluctantly, Roman shares everything Zoë told him during the session with Friedman, who then passes this information on to his employer by phone. ==== Zoë Baruti and Mira ==== Zoë meets up with Baruti Maphane and is asked to do some investigating about possible foul play with the Unity Party. She gets Mira's help and gathers data from Wire nodes around the city. ==== Zoë Vent Room ==== Zoë also continues her search for Hanna Roth; by tracking members of the Dragonflies gang, she finds out that the gang hangs out in the inactive steam vents in the Propast underground. Zoë eventually finds Abby, who used to be best friends with Hanna, and is able to convince her that she has good intentions. Abby tells her that she and Hanna had a fall-out over Abby's use of the Dreamachine, as Hanna considered it an unhealthy addiction. She also tells Zoë that Hanna was spooked about something after a recent job, and had suspicions that the employer was looking to "get rid" of her, and therefore is probably in her secret hideout that only her and Abby know about. Following Abby's clues, Zoë is finally able to track down Hanna. Hanna, however, is scared by Zoë's sudden arrival in her hideout and draws a knife on her. Though she backs down when Zoë tells her that Queenie send her, she is still not very cooperative and merely tells Zoë that she has to keep a low profile because some very dangerous people are after her and asks her to tell Queenie that she is fine and is "working on it". Zoë also learns that Hanna has been having similar dreams to her. Zoë returns to Queenie and conveys Hanna's message to her. Queenie thanks Zoë for her help, before giving her a cryptic warning, telling her that she is not "all here", explaining a part of her is lost in dreams and she needs to wake up and remember. ==== Zoë Mira and Wit, The Hand that Feeds ==== Zoë returns with the gathered data to Mira. Mira finds that the data not only gives evidence of corruption in Unity but also reveals that Lea Umińska has even had been meeting in secret with Konstantin Wolf and WATICorp. Zoë has to decide what to do with this information. == Major choices == * Zoë will have to choose whether to hand in the information about Unity's collusion with European Dawn and WATICorp to Baruti or giving it to Sully, so he can get The Hand that Feeds to publicize it. ** Giving the information to Baruti leads to him getting assassinated in the next chapter for knowing too much. ** Handing in the information to The Hand that Feeds lead to their offices getting attacked by unknown vandals and the EYE will also clamp down on them. Sully is still determined to get the story out, however. *** Baruti will message Zoë to inform her that he has decided to resign from the Unity campaign and leave Propast. How Zoë told (or didn't tell) Baruti about her decision to give the data to The Hand that Feeds will affect the nature of his message to her. {{DFC Chapters}} ruГлава Четвёртая Сновидения CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryChapters