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Zoë Maya Castillo = Dreamfall Chapters = Nelasdecision.png = Nela steeling herself }} '''Anamnesis''' is the fifth chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and the third and final chapter of Book Two Rebels. It follows the resistance in Marcuria as they prepare for a raid on Oldtown, and Zoë Maya Castillo experiencing the political fallout in Europolis. ==Summary== === Cutscene General Hami's Quarters === Ten days has passed in Marcuria, and General Hami is continuing his investigation into Kian's apparent death. He summons Vamon to his quarters to discuss what he has found out so far. He relays that what the guards at Friar's Keep said seems to fit with what Vamon told him, that Kian died in the riot and his body was accidentally burned, but he also says he has heard other versions of the story about Kian surviving and escaping, and there are rumors that Vamon had ordered Kian's execution shortly before the riot. Vamon rejects this as nonsense and lies, to which Hami answers that he would hate to think that Vamon has been lying to him, but he points out to Vamon that he and Kian has been known fierce rivals since they were boys and that he might have acted on that. Vamon vehemently insist that he is loyal to the Six and Kian is dead, to which Hami answers that while he believes Vamon at the moment, he will continue to investigate the matter of Kian's fate, because the loose threads and unanswered question around seems to keep piling up and he wishes to get to the bottom of them. === Kian Marcuria === ==== Kian The Rooster and Kitten, The Mole, Anna ==== In The Rooster and Kitten, Ulvic has summoned Kian, Likho and Enu because he has overheard rumors that the Azadi are planning a raid on Oldtown at night time, and so the three of them decides to split up and investigate separately to see if they can find something more substantial about the raid. Kian is asked to meet with the Mole, both to warn her about the raid and to find out if she possibly knows something. But before he leaves, Ulvic takes him aside and tells him he has a message from Anna; she wants to meet up with him as soon as possible. Kian goes to the Mole, who tells him she already have heard the rumors about the raid, but she admits she is not entirely sure whether it actually will happen or not, but she is well prepared if it should. She also announces that she is actually planning to leave Marcuria all together, telling Kian that she can feel that is there is something very wrong about the machine the Azadi are constructing; it is the opposite of magic and that it terrifies her. So much so in fact, that she doesn't want to be anywhere near it when it is activated. Kian meets up with Anna, who points him in direction of information about the rumored raid, telling him that she knows of an Azardi officer who works inside the Tower. The officer regulary makes visits to the same building in Old Town, where he sexually abuses an underaged Dolmari girl, leaving him open for an ambush. Kian points out what the officer is doing is three serious crimes punishable by death rolled into one, to which Anna responds that it is rather typical of the Azardi; their culture forbids a lot of things, so when they are finally tempted into sin, they always sin big time. Anna then leans in and attempts to kiss Kian, and regardless of whether Kian reciprocates or not, she storms off afterwards, leaving Kian confused. ==== Kian Dolmari girl's quarters ==== Poking around Old Town, Kian manages to track down the building where the officer commits his crimes, but he finds a guard posted outside. He runs into Bip, who offers to help him by making a distraction for the guard, but he needs a piece of magical firework first. Aided by Bip, Kian manages to gather (and steal) the ingredients for the firework and assemble it, Bip then uses the firework to draw the guard away from his post, allowing Kian to slip inside the house. Inside, Kian confronts the officer and tells the Dolmari girl to leave the place, promising that the officer won't ever hurt her again. Kian interrogates the officer and manages, either with threats or torture, to get him to spill the beans The rumors are true, Old Town will be raided just before dawn. Kian is then left the choice to either kill the officer for his crimes, or blackmail him with them into working as an informant for the rebels inside the Tower. ==== Kian The Rooster and Kitten ==== Kian returns to the Rooster and Kitten to share his findings with Likho and Enu who react to his actions during his interrogation of the officer. Regardless they agree to head back to the Enclave to asses the situation further and share what they know with Shepherd. And just as the officer told Kian, the raid goes off just before dawn. === Zoë Propast === ==== Zoë Zoë's appartment, the Uminska info ==== In Propast, Zoë stirs uneasily in her sleep. Waking up with a start, she gets her senses together, and discovers a Dreamachine lying in one of her and Reza's moving boxes. She studies it for moment while considering whether or not to use it, but she ultimately decides against it. Regardless of her choice on how to handle the data in the previous chapter, Zoë goes out to follow up on what happen with the information, but she finds that sinister forces has conspired to prevent them from seeing the light of day. If the data was given to Baruti, Zoë finds him murdered in his office and learns that the data has been stolen. If she gave the data to The Hand That Feeds, she learns from Sully that the Hand suffered a break-in last night and the EYE's response has been to shut down their offices and confiscate their hard disk on bogus charges. He also her tells that he have managed to send Reza to Iceland with a copy of the data, but he is not sure when it will be safe to call him back. ==== Zoë Nela ==== FileNelasdecision.png. Indeed, it's the most difficult choice Nela ever faced as well. After these disturbing discoveries, Zoë runs into Nela Vlček, who gives her a package and ask her to hold unto it for safekeeping. Zoë notices that there is something weird about Nela's behavior and decides to follow her at a distance to see what is wrong. After some walking, Nela arrives before an EYE checkpoint where she pauses for a smoke. Suddenly, she reaches into her bag and steps forward; she then holds the object from her bag over her head and starts running towards the checkpoint, and Zoë realizes to her horror that the object is a bomb. The bomb goes off, taking out the checkpoint, killing Nela and several guards and civilians in the process, while Zoë herself is injured and rendered unconscious by the explosion. Amidst the pandemonium, the unconscious Zoë lies on the ground before Falk Friedman appears and drags her to safety. Elsewhere, a mysteriously uninjured Zoë twitches slightly in her sleep... ==Trivia== ''Anamnesis'' is Greek for 'remembering'. ==Major choices== * Kian can choose to torture the Azardi officer for information or just threaten it out of him. If Kian chooses to torture him, Likho will find the information more believable and extract several rebel agents from Oldtown before the raid, leaving the rebels less weakened, but Enu will find Kian's actions reprehensible. Not using torture will lead to Likho declaring the information of dubious quality and rather have the rebel agents wait and see what happens, leading to many of them getting killed in the raid. Enu will, on the other hand, commend him for abstaining from using torture, believing it not to be the answer. * Kian can choose to kill the Azardi officer for his crimes or blackmail him into becoming an informant for the rebels. Killing him will improve Kian's relationship with Likho who appreciates Kian's rectifying of a crime against one of his people, but Enu will be upset, pointing out that a golden opportunity for recruiting an informant has been forever lost. If Kian spares him, Likho will be outraged, believing that Kian thinks of his people as lesser beings and therefore doesn't take the crimes committed against them seriously, while Enu will praise Kian for thinking logically and strategically in sparing the officer, pointing out that an informant inside the tower will be an invaluable asset to the rebels. The choice will also ultimately decides if either Likho or Enu will accompany Kian on the stakeout in Chapter Six Machinations. {{DFC Chapters}} ruГлава Пятая Воспоминания CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryChapters