Chapter Eleven Lux

'''Lux''' is the eleventh chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and the third chapter of Book Four Revelations. It follows the conclusion of Zoë Maya Castillo's journey to save Lux in the Purple Mountains.

== Summary ==
After reaching the Purple Mountains, Zoë enters the city of Oular. Its inhabitants are skittish and unwilling to approach Zoë; however, Zoë manages to talk to one Oular more curious than the others. Although it does not answer, the Oular seemingly recognizes her description of Abnaxus and takes Zoë to him.

Abnaxus greets Zoë in a meek manner, having several coughing fits as he speaks to her. He reveals that his people, the Venar, has left this realm behind for another, and he alone has stayed behind to guide Zoë towards her goal. Unfortunately, he, as a Venar, cannot endure living in linear time for very long. As a result he has gotten sick, and he fears that he does not have much time left to live. But he has accepted this fate, considering it an insignificant price to pay for helping to save Lux. Zoë asks Abnaxus why he spoke so cryptically to her in her dreams. Abnaxus explains that reaching out to her telepathically was hard to accomplish, so his message became muddled in the process. She then asks him why he contacted her to recover the Soul Stone, and Abnaxus answers that only a Dreamer, like Lux, could have faced the Sisters. He tells her a few things about April, Kian, and Crow. April and the White Dragon are supposed to be "alive, reborn, but split in two." Abnaxus says that Crow is important and magical, specifically saying that he will accompany the "bloodless king" before joining the "Dragon of Spring" at the end of his life.

Zoë also inquires about the nature of the Oular. Abnaxus explains that they had a grand civilization of their own, when they lived alongside another race called "the Yehte". But ages ago, the two species began to split up, which led to their great cities crumbling. The two races are now both protector of dreams but in different ways. The Yehte became "the grubbers beneath" and unwittingly came to serve "the Un-dream", as they were enslaved by it, while the Oular took to live in the clouds where they serve as Lux's guardians. Zoë notices that she is familiar with "the Grubbers", and asks Abnaxus why they would serve something that seeks to unmake all of existence. Abnaxus answers apologetically that he would love to explain more, but time is running short and Lux awaits. He then leads Zoë and Crow to a temple.

As they walk inside the temple, Abnaxus explains that the Oular were always meant to be the protectors of the Dream, as they were the children of the first dream, and therefore came into being long before humans, the Venar, and even the world as it is known to Zoë came into being. They kept Lux safe after the Soul Stone was stolen, and have since been struggling to keep the Un-dream at bay. Zoë asks how the Soul Stone was lost in the first place. Abnaxus tells her that "the wizard" with "the black fire inside him" took the Soul Stone, as he desired to own dreams and reshape everything. Zoë then asks about the Undreaming. Abnaxus explains that "the wizard" once struck a bargain with the "black fire" and allowed it to enter him. In doing so, "the wizard" became the Undreaming and he is still a danger to everything. Zoë and Abnaxus finally reach the sleeping Lux, who is watched over by an older-looking Oular with a cape and a feather dress on his head. Zoë recognizes the Oular from her dream. She asks Abnaxus what to do, and he ensures her that she will know what to do.

Zoë presents the Soul Stone to Lux, and is drawn into Lux's mind. Lux communicates with her telepathically, telling her more about her role as the physical continuation of Lux. At the end of their "conversation", Zoë declares to Lux that she understands what she must do. In response, Lux holds out a hand, and Zoë reaches out to touch it. With a last smile, Lux merges with her and disappears. Zoë stands alone for a moment before Crow's voice, asking her if she is okay, calls her back to the temple.

Now back in the temple, Crow tells Zoë that for a moment it appeared like she was made of light, commenting that it was incredibly beautiful. A bit dizzy, Zoë explains to Crow that she knows what she must do now; she must go back and wake up for real as there are things that must fixed. Crow asks her if he can join her, but Zoë sadly answers that he cannot. She bids Crow goodbye, explaining that she is likely not coming back ever again, but she assures him that she is convinced that everything will work out fine for him in the end. Taking a step forward, Zoë vanishes. Crow laments his rotten luck, noticing that he has yet again been left behind in a weird and otherworldly location by a woman with strange powers, and decides to fly back to Marcuria, wondering aloud if Kian is currently in need of a sidekick.

Watching Crow take off, Abnaxus speaks to the Oular leader, contemplating whether he should have told Zoë "everything he has seen," but concludes on the note that he is no longer able to see possible futures. As he contemplates his end, he speaks of his children, whom he refers to as "long gone," and hopes that the universe will be there for them after his death.

Zoë wakes up in Stark, seemingly on a hospital bed. She is being kept behind a window under surveillance, in a manner similar to Faith's captivity by WATI.

== Trivia ==
''Lux'' is Latin for 'light.'

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