Chapter Eight Crossings

'''Crossings''' is the eighth chapter of Dreamfall Chapters and the third and final chapter of Book Three Realms. It follows Zoë in Marcuria and then Kian.

== Summary ==

==== Zoë The Journeyman Inn ====
Zoë gains consciousness on a sofa in the Journeyman Inn, which has been worn down since being closed. She is in a new Marcurian outfit and hairstyle. Zoë remembers the place, but cannot get out, since the doorknob is missing. Looking around, she finds Crow on the bar, who explains that he ended up in Sadir after their last encounter in the Dark People's City, but has no memory of how he got there or what had happened after she left. Zoë asks if Abnaxus said anything else in the dream, and Crow replies that he said something to the effect of "You will have brought her here." Remembering that Abnaxus called the location the Purple Mountains in her earlier dream in Book Two, Zoë decides that they need to go there and that they should find the rebels to ask them where the Purple Mountains are. Crow is hesitant to start a new adventure, but Zoë reminds him that Abnaxus said he would bring her, and he agrees to come along. When asked about how to get out of the Inn, Crow remembers he removed the door handle so people would stop invading his new home and brings it back down for Zoë.

==== Zoë Daytime in Marcuria ====
Outside the Inn, they notice a flyer that says that since its closing, all patrons of the Journeyman are welcome at the Rooster and Kitten. Zoë decides that that would be the best place to inquire about the rebel movement, since they used to gather at the Journeyman. She and Crow travel to the Rooster and Kitten, all the while taking in the sights of Marcuria and observing how the town is preparing for Reapmoon. Zoë comments to herself that she remembers all of it and is amazed that it's real after all. At the pub, she asks Crow to wait outside for her.

==== Zoë The Rooster and Kitten ====
After a long chat with Ulvic the Ever-Thirsty about what Marcuria is like while pretending to be a foreign traveler, Zoë quietly asks about the rebels and how she may get in contact with them. Ulvic replies that they don't discuss terrorists at the establishment, but then quietly says that she can ask about the library at the Smithy in City Green. Unbeknownst to her, Jakai Salmin hears the conversation and walks out of the pub.

Back outside, Zoë asks Crow to get a bird's-eye-view of the town, and he flies away. Zoë finds the Smithy and when she knocks on the door, Jakai answers. She says she's there about the library and he silently lets her inside.

==== Cutscene Sahya and Vamon ====
That evening on the balcony of the tower outside Sahya's office, Commander Vamon lets Sahya know that Hami knows about Kian being alive, and that he has surely alerted Mother Utana. Sahya calmly comes up with the plan to murder both Hami and Utana at the ceremony of switching on the engine in one week, but to make it look like the work of the rebels, saying they can't afford to be hasty and they've worked too hard to fail now. She knows that the will of the Goddess is for her to rule Azadir with Vamon as her supreme commander.

==== Zoë The Enclave ====
A rebel leads Zoë, whose hands are chained behind her back, up the stairs in the cave to the Enclave. All the while, she is angrily saying that it is unnecessary and that she just wants to help, but the rebel does not respond. In the Enclave, she notices Kian talking with Enu, Likho and Shepherd and says that she knows that man, but the rebel tells her to keep walking and leads her to the interrogation cell.

==== Kian The Enclave ====
Kian and the others discuss a plan. Kian wants to go to Ge'en personally and rescue Bip, not to risk his life to save just one person but to show General Hami what is really happening to the relocated magicals. Shepherd vehemently disapproves but realizes she cannot change Kian's mind, and Enu is angry at first but later apologizes and wishes Kian well. Likho, on the other hand, wants to come along, but Kian reminds him that one of them needs to stay behind to help should the mission fail. While preparing to leave, Kian can talk to the other rebels and walk past Zoë's cell, listening to her saying that this is a waste of everyone's time and she needs to save the world. He can comment that there must be a spy in there and that normally he would join in on such a thing.

==== Kian Marcuria at night Anna, Cloudship, Likho ====
Kian takes a boat to the docks of the south gate and sees a platform of magicals being raised onto a cloudship from the gate wall. He goes inside to the market area and sees more magicals being led through a door to the right of the entrance to Crab Bend, with the Azadi guards commenting that that should be the last of them. After waiting for them to be distracted and turned around, Kian sneaks up on the guard near the lever that controls the portcullis and strangles him. As he is about to enter the door, Anna comes up and says that he's not leaving her again. When Kian becomes confused, Anna tells him that her real name isn't Anna. She uses a different name in every city and in Sadir she was Alayna. She tells Kian that he had saved her about 20 years ago from Vamon and his gang, and that she fell in love with him and had been tracking him down ever since. Kian remembers her, but says he is a different person now, and Alayna corrects him, saying that he was a different person in between, but now he is the boy she remembers, who would go out of his way to save people. Her own words make her realize that this is why Kian has to go, and she kisses him goodbye without giving him the chance to pull away. When he asks what that was for, she says for love.

On top of the city wall, Kian strangles another guard and then gets on the platform. Right after he pulls the lever to raise it, Likho appears, saying that he must take him with him. He can either pull Likho up or leave him behind. The chapter then ends as the platform rises into the cloudship.

== Major choices ==
* Kian must choose whether to take Likho with him to Ge'en or leave him behind.
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