CategoryTo do

Collects pages that need work, or where work that needs doing is described.

SpecialWantedPages lists articles that do not exist, but some other page already links there.
Creating such an article with meaningful content greatly benefits the wiki.

SpecialWikiActivity and SpecialRecentChanges show the most recent changes. These can be revised, to catch up on updates, to find and fix errors, and to remove spam or other unwantend changes, such as copyright violations.

SpecialInsights and section SpecialSpecialPages of the SpecialSpecialPages are automatically maintained lists of pages that might need work or deserve some attention.

To suggest or plan something to be worked on, state what needs doing on the page itself, possibly in the form of a notice template (but there is no suitable collection of those, yet), or on the associated talk page.

CategorySite maintenance