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A city-port in north-western Africa, Casablanca (a major city in current-day Morocco) is home to Zoe Castillo, her father Gabriel, Reza Temiz and Olivia DeMarco, among others. In Dreamfall, Casablanca is an affluent, cosmopolitan place, home to hi-tech companies such as JIVA and Seshadri Industries. This is in keeping with Burns Flipper's throwaway comment in ''The Longest Journey'' where he boasts of the quality of his "African scrambler - impossible to hack unless you're the Flipper". However, some inhabitants of Casablanca still wear traditional Arabic garb.

Key locations in Casablanca include Jama Mbaye's gym, the coffee shop Moca Loco, and Jardin des Roses, where the Castillos live.

''http// Casablanca'' (1942) is also a film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Like ''Dreamfall'', ''Casablanca'' involves documents entrusted to friends, phone calls, love, espionage, and political intrigue. In ''The Longest Journey'', it is one of the films showing at the Mercury Theatre. Ragnar has also mentioned that Zoë's telling Reza that the invitees to the gathering at her house will be the "usual suspects" might have been a reference to the classic film.http// Ragnar's Formspring - ''Casablanca'' reference

The name Casablanca is Spanish for 'white house'. This forms a contrast with the Black House.


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