Burrow Crook

One of the roads through Marcuria, Burrow Crook runs down into the Magic Ghetto in one direction and towards Tower Square in the other. There is also an alleyway to Coldstone Gate, but the entrance is barred and usually under the watchful eye of an Azadi soldier. A small waterway runs down one side of the street, under the steps up to the Journeyman Inn; this may serve to take the inn's rubbish away. The street is also Blind Bob's begging turf.

Burrow Crook is a main thoroughfare for the hauliers in Marcuria, especially those leading to the marketplace near the South Gate. When the gates to the Magic Ghetto are closed due to Azadi raids, the supply carts get backed up all the way around Burrow Crook - this is a frequent occurrence due to the Azadi's zeal in hunting for Rebels.


ruБорроу Крок
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