One of WATI's Bot. The first BunnyBot was 10 feet tall and weighed over 300 Kg, and this appears to be the version Zoe sees in the WATI Museum. This grossly over-sized machine was the cause of several deaths, although WATI was acquitted of any liability in each case. Since then a smaller, lighter model went into production; similar in size to a Watilla. As the exhibit at the museum notes, BunnyBot is "still being sold to happy children and concerned adults across the world today."

In order to access the 'Staff Only' area of WATI HQ, Zoë needs the help of a certain young boy named Hiro to create a distraction for the guard. After bribing him with a stick of gum or, if she was able to convince Riko to come to the museum, facillitating sibling rivalry, Hiro jumps into the exhibit and activates the 10' BunnyBot. It proceeds to go off on a rampage of destruction, and the guard runs after it shouting "Gojira!" (the Japanese form of "Godzilla", made popular in the west by the fevered recitation of a Japanese character in the the 1998 US re-make of the classic 1954 film). Such an occurrence seems to be common-place in the WATI museum, however, as when Zoë first arrives the guard says "I apologise for the mess. We had some...trouble with one of the exhibits. It went berserk. Don't worry, almost no one was seriously hurt."