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= Dreamfall}} bryn Welsh '(small) hill'
''"You took a chance when you killed those soldiers back then, and it paid off, didn't it? I'm alive, and I'm on your team. It was risky, but it was the right thing to do."'' - Brynn
The youngest member of April Ryan's merry band of Rebels, Brynn is also its most impetuous. Tall, blue-eyed and with light-brown hair, Brynn is almost always seen wearing a fur cap. April saved his life when he was younger, and has been like an older sister to him since. Benrime Salmin tells April that she is the only family Brynn has and, given his eagerness to kill the Azadi, it may be that April saved him from a party of soldiers who had already slain his family. He is frustrated that April treats him as like a child, protecting him from danger and forbidding him from accompanying her on the more dangerous missions. At the time of Dreamfall he and Chawan are helping to organise a shipload of supplies from Marcuria to the Swamp City. We first see Brynn when he and April's Rebels are ambushing a group of Azadi in Riverwood on their way to Marcuria - Brynn asks Chawan, who can supposedly smell the enemy, just what they smell like. When Zoe Castillo emerges into the Journeyman Inn, Brynn is breakfasting on porridge at a table near the door. When he overhears her discussing April with Zoë, Brynn slips out so as to follow Zoë when she leaves. After he hears Zoë talking about April with Minstrum Magda he lures her into an alley, promising to take her to April (whom he almost reveals as "Raven") and not to kidnap her and take her to a basement. Perhaps she should have been worried by the fact that he gave his name was "Worm", because he and Chawan capture her in an alley and put a bag over her head (though true to his word, Brynn doesn't put her in a basement... he drags her to one of the Journeyman's upstairs bedrooms instead). When April refuses to help Zoë on her quest Brynn is disappointed in her, and is later disappointed further that April will not let him and Chawan accompany her to reconnoiter the Azadi Tower. Later, he sees Zoë arrested by the Azadi, and is in such a rush to reach the Journeyman and tell the others that he almost knocks over Kian in Oldtown. April agrees to break Zoë out of Friar's Keep, but insists that he and Chawan continue in their own mission to deliver food and medicine to the swamplands. They make their delivery successfully, and Brynn is next seen in Chawan's hut after the latter rescues Zoë. Chawan's plan was for them to leave by a trapdoor in the floor, but as soon as she disappears the Azadi knock the door down. The screen fades to black and the last thing we hear is Brynn's cry "For Raven!" Chawan tries to stop him, but there is definitely the sound of clashing steel. Given the overwhelming numbers of the Azadi and Brynn's impetuousness, it is likely that he is dead. Stranger things than his possible survival have happened, however. Brynn is voiced by Matthew Keenan. == Dreamfall ChaptersCategoryArcadia == {{SpoilersDFC}} Brynn's silhouette and attire are rather clearly visible during the opening scene of Dreamfall Chapters' Book One. It is likely that he has survived. ruБринн CategoryCharacters CategoryDreamfall CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryDreamfall Characters