== The Longest Journey ==

FileBridges_TLJ.png.The Bridges are network of steel gangways above one section of the Venice canals. Something of a tourist attraction due to the clock in the centre of the bridges - which still displays the time (about 420) of the infamous Venice Massacre of Chronology - the Bridges link the Border House with the Fringe Cafe, the Metro Line, and Florence Park. Not visible at eye level, but shown when April Ryan first walks onto the Bridges, are the enormous skyscrapers and industrial chimneys overhead. A boy carrying a skateboard is often seen wandering around, although he is later arrested as skateboarding is illegal.

The Bridges are not a particularly notable location in The Longest Journey, but April does see the rubber ducky sailing down the canals below at one point, enabling her to follow it to the Fringe Cafe. They also serve as an escape route when she is running from the Vanguard.

FileBridges.png, in Dreamfall.When Zoe Castillo arrives in Venice 10 years later the water has left the canals and the Bridges have become covered in makeshift shelters for the homeless population on Venice's streets, as well as the Chinaman's 'store'. One of the bridges has been blocked off by a police barrier for some reason. The well-to-do Zoë is shocked by the condition of the people and surroundings on the Bridges; she wonders why the big corporations let them live like this without doing anything to help.ruМосты Венеции
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