Book of Secrets

{{PicturesWanted}}''Welcome, Traveller, to the Book of Secrets.''

''This Book is a Magical book, containing spoken Words, Music, and strange Images uncovered by our Ancients, and locked away in the Dark People's LibraryDay of Reunification.''

''You may Read this Book, but tread Softly within, for who knows what may happen if this Magic is released into the Twin Worlds?''

An extra on the TLJ disks, the ''Book of Secrets'' contains additional material for the game, and is best noted for the audio out-takes. Some highlights include Roger Raines' cheery mispronunciation of 'Tagate', Madison Arnold and Sarah Hamilton in an Irish-accent-duel, Ron Foster getting to grips with the mechanics of Na'ven, and Andrew Donnelly's manic ad-libbing of Burns Flipper's dialogue. It also contains concept art and unused music tracks.

There are two ways to access the ''Book of Secrets''. One is simply to complete the game; the other is to take the Organic Plastic Leaf from the Border House and plant it in the City Green in Marcuria. Like other content in the game, it can of course also be accessed through the TLJ Viewer or using an .ini Hack.

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