"''Making Your Life Worth Living''"

One of the largest corporations in Stark. Bokamba/Mercer (B/M) has a variety of interests. They are supervisors for the NPD along with Bingo!, have their own news wire service, own the NTS Metro Line, and sponsor interstellar scouting expeditions, searching for habitable systems (like the Kon-Tiki expedition). When discovered, these are named after the company B/M Prime, Bokamba 8 and Bokamba-19 are examples of this.

B/M specialises in the stellar colonies, shipping the poor and disaffected to supposedly new and empowering lives, but actually into indentured slavery in offworld mines and factories. Warren Hughes' father Ellis Hughes was one of those seduced; B/M let him effectively sell his family in return for a lifetime's supply of Raptures. Warren's parents died and his sister Erika Hughes was adopted by a B/M employee, Lt. Carol Drake, on B/M Prime.

Newly signed B/M colonists are taken by shuttle to the Morning Star, a colonial transfer station. April Ryan took advantage of this when she needed to access the wormhole that would take her to the Guardian's Realm, and signed up as a B/M colonist. She was given a B/M uniform in orange and grey (she thought it was quite fetching) which might be the company colours.

The B/M colonial representative is voiced by http// Stephanie Garry.

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