Black House

{{TemplateInfobox location
= Black House
= imageBlack House.jpg
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= Winter
= Faith
= Dreamfall}}An eerie house in the middle of Winter. It looks like an enormous doll's house, because it was created by Faith, and her only reference for buildings was her toy doll's house.

When Zoe Castillo approaches it, the front of the Black House swings open, revealing the interior she only glimpsed during her first vision of Faith - in the background, a discordant tune plays, like a music box that is winding down. The Black House only has a couple of furnishings, echoing those in Faith's room at the abandoned factory, including Faith's drawings and a pseudo grandfather clock that runs rapidly backwards. There is also a doll's house, resembling Faith's old toy, which she is playing with as Zoë enters. When Faith finally passes away, the Black House disappears along with the rest of the Winter.

It is perhaps fitting that Zoë - said to be Faith's sister - lives in Casablanca, which is Spanish for 'white house'.

ruЧёрный дом
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