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{{Quote|... if you're Azadi, and you're here, and you have "things to do", that sounds an awful lot like you're with the resistance.}}When his parents are taken to the prison colony on Ge'en, almost ten year old Bip is forced to live on the streets of Marcuria all on his own, with thievery being his only means of supporting himself. Bip is inquisitive and cheeky, quite capable of avoiding the Azadi occupying forces yet not afraid to confront them should the need arise.

Alone with himself and his thoughts, without any magical peers, the relentless racism of Onor Hileriss has affected the young boy It sometimes appears as if Bip really believes that magicals like himself were responsible for the present conditions in Marcuria.

Still, there's an unflinching optimism and pride beating in his chest. He will neither accept the kindness of strangers towards the 'poor orphaned boy', nor will he accept that his parents may never return from Ge'en. He will go on to become quite useful to the resistance.

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