Bible's Sequel

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Published in Chronology, roughly 1900 years after the finalisation of the New Testament canon, of which the last book anathematises any addition. In the Polish version of TLJ it is called ''Nowe przygody Jezusa'' which translates to ''Jesus' New Adventures''

Almost nothing is known about this text, and it is only mentioned off-handedly by April when she is looking at the strange fresco near the confessionals in the Hope Street Cathedral. April suggests that the fresco may depict a scene from the sequel (as she does not remember it from the original Bible), only to dismiss the thought because she considers the painting to have been completed much earlier than 5 years ago. She comments on the red robe (a reference to the Cortez?) wrapped around the cherub's posterior, and notes that he appears to be in a hurry.ruСиквел Библии
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