Ben Bandu

Full name ''Bandu-umanu-banta-au-rubana-biutan-binaort'' ('the little one who tries hard to live up to his father who sings to the Soil')

==The Longest Journey==
Ben-Bandu, a young Banda, meets April Ryan in Riverwood while she is trying to make her way to Roper Klacks' castle. When she finds the bridge across the river has been destroyed, April searches for another way across but encounters the shy Ben-Bandu instead, who is looking for his brother, Bandu-Uta. He asks for her help, but warns her that there is a monster in the forest with a taste for Banda. When April is captured by the Gribbler and releases Bandu-Uta, he meets his brother on the way back and Ben-Bandu bravely volunteers to help April while Bandu-Uta runs to Banda Village for help.

Ben-Bandu takes April back to the village and answers her questions about the Spirit Dig. When April wakes up the next morning, he tells her proudly that he has been chosen to join the diggers at last.

Ben-Bandu is voiced by http// Victor Warren.


ImageBen-bandu ambush.png.

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Originally Ben Bandu was to make a reappearance in ''Dreamfall'', but he was http// later http// cut from the game. "Yes, he’s still alive, his story is important, and he still has a part to play in the saga." Ragnar also http// implied that Ben was destined for a dark fate, similar to that of Abnaxus. Ben appeared in concept art of what appears to be the Rebels ambush of the Azadi in Riverwood, in which he appeared to be taking part.

Intriguingly, Zoe and Kian Alvane both see a Banda in Magic Ghetto market, and his character model is called "Ben_Bandu".

==Dreamfall Chapters==
Ben Bandu is confirmed to be back for Dreamfall Chapters and can be seen in the first released gameplay video (http// youtube ).

Ben-Bandu returns in Dreamfall Chapters Chapter Ten (Umbrae).

Zoe and Crow return to Riverwood in search of the lost Soulstone that is in the possession of the Yaga. Ben explains to Zoe that he is the only remaining Banda in Riverwood due to the Azadi, who came with "sharp blades and metal tubes that spewed fire."''Dreamfall Chapters'' Chapter Ten Umbrae However, Ben believes that one day the surviving Banda will return from the East. Until then, Ben will stay in Riverwood to sing songs and guard their burrows.

Ben-Bandu leads Zoe and Crow to the edge of the forest where the Yaga witch lives, so that they may go on ahead without him to find the Soulstone.

Following Zoe's run in with the Yaga, Ben chooses to leave with Mole to go East to find the other Banda.

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