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= http// Ron Gallop
= Banda
= Gribbler's Lair
Banda Village
= The Longest Journey}}Full name Bandu-uta-matuta-uiaten-aiama-binaort The brother of Ben-Bandu, Bandu-Uta was one of several Banda captured by the Gribbler. The monster locked him in a cupboard, intending to eat him later that night, but then went into the forest and lured April Ryan back as well. When the Gribbler left briefly, April heard Bandu-Uta struggling in the cupboard and let him out. She then helped him to escape through a broken window, only to see him run away. April later discovered that he had seen the Gribbler returning and had run to get help from the Banda Village. Bandu-Uta is voiced by http// Ron Gallop. ruБанду-Ута CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryArcadia CategoryCharacters CategoryThe Longest Journey Characters