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}} Known only as "the Captain" (his name is revealed as Balsay Bachim in Dreamfall Chapters),http// Gamespot Friar's Keep walkthrough this buccaneer commands the supply ship for April's Rebels. April, who describes him as a "trusted ally", repeatedly notes while awaiting final preparations for departure from Marcuria that he seems extremely relaxed, although this is apparently how he always looks. The forged documents that allow them to leave harbour state that the ship is headed for "the islands" (presumably those in the Sea of Songs). He takes great delight in the Rebels' ability to operate right under the noses of the Azadi, and when April warns him not to "tempt fate", he replies "Ha, I didn't think you believed in that spiritual claptrap, Raven! Fate? Pah! We make our own destiny." After the Azadi raid the Journeyman Inn, the Captain denies that it was due to a lack of care on the Rebels' part "Bah! We were as careful as we could be. We just got unlucky. It was bound to happen sooner or later." Unlike April, he thinks the Rebels should consolidate their power more before assaulting Azadi forces in large numbers. Nevertheless, he promises his boat to April should she make the journey south again. He had previously commented that they would need to sail south for supplies once more before Spring anyway, although he had considered Marcuria out of the question now the Azadi were aware of them. He has great faith in the impenetrability of the Swamp City and its access points "no one but me and my boys can navigate the rivers and swamps between us and the Bay of Fire. Even if the Azadi should learn of our whereabouts, the scouts will give us two days' warning. We'll sink their boats before they even know what hit 'em!" Apparently the Captain is yet another Rebel who has somehow forgotten the fact that the Azadi use air-borne Cloudships. {{SpoilersDFC}} ==Dreamfall Chapters== FileChapterscaptain.png, when he pays Kian a surprise visit the night before his execution, having arranged a prison riot as a diversion for their jail break. According to him, during the attack on the Swamp City he "made a daring, swashbuckling, last minute escape". However, it seems like he's been imprisoned in Friar's Keep for some time, since he doesn't know much of what's going on outside. The Captain guides Kian all the way to the roof, until finally revealing that the escape plan is to use dark magic to conjure a portal, but to do so, they need blood sacrifice, so he urges Kian to kill him. The player can choose either to kill him by running him through with a sword, or to refuse, in which case the captain stabs himself with the sword. ==ReferencesCategoryArcadia== ruБалсай Баким CategoryDreamfall CategoryCharacters CategoryChapters CategoryDreamfall Characters CategoryDreamfall Chapters Characters