A Bak-Baar is a visionary experience brought on by sleeping in the Banda's Spirit Dig when the ancestral spirits of the Banda speak to the sleeper. It reveals the truth of a person's personality and situation - both the good and the bad. As the Banda Elder says, both sides are important even though they may be painful to listen to.

April's Bak-Baar begins with the 'bad' side a shadowy April scorns her quest and April herself when she tries to silence the vision, saying that she tells people to "shut up when they speak the truth; shutting them out when they get too close for comfort. All because 'Daddy hurt me'." Shadowy April also accuses her of not really caring about her quest or the people she's helping.

Not surprisingly, this upsets April but then the 'good' side speaks to calm her down, appearing in the form of her friend Charlie. He comforts her, telling her that she isn't alone on her journey, that she has friends, that the Mother and 'Cortez' promised to watch over her. He says that 'one person can change everything - can change the world, if she puts her mind to it; if she believes in herself, and has people to believe in her.' He also reveals that the real Charlie is in love with April.

The morning after her Bak-Baar, April speaks to the Elder about it, and mentions she is given a Banda name 'April Bandu-Embata', meaning 'the little one who seeks and finds'.

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