Ary Kinryn

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= Dreamfall}}{{Quote'freedom fighters', the terrorists do, but it's because of them that I'm stuck here. Again. Freedom! Hah! Freedom for who? From what? It's not like the Azadi are keeping us imprisoned. In fact, life's a damn sight better than it was before they came. If this is oppression, I don't want to be liberated.}}

Ary Kinryn is a supply merchant for the South Gate Market. He appears in Dreamfall as a cart driver stuck in the traffic jam between Burrow Crook and Oldtown, caused by an Azadi raid. Even though the Azadi are really just oppressing Magicals, Kinryn appears to have bought their explanation of rooting out Rebels whom he would rather call 'terrorists'. He seems to be another human whose prejudices are being justified by the Azadi.

While he appears to be politically sympathetic to the Westerlings, Kinryn chafes under their religious oppression. When Zoe first speaks to him he swears by the Six but, under a little more pressure, keeps accidentally referring to the Mo'Jaal. Presumably, like Captain Nebevay, he hails from Ge'en. He also refers at one point to plural "gods", before correcting himself with "I mean, 'goddess'. There's only one, blessed be her name, etcetera."

Ary Kinryn is voiced by Dougie Wallace.

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