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Lat. ''arboretum'' - 'a place grown with trees'

Alvin Peats' penthouse lair atop WATIcorp HQ, the arboretum is a larger-than-usual greenhouse that boasts a small grove of trees, plants and flowers and is populated with birds, fish and insects. Suffused with green light and bisected by a small pond and bridge, the arboretum is decorated as a traditional Japanese garden.

Although it appears to serve as both Peats' home and workshop the lush vegetation might also serve another purpose for WATI, being as it is a company that employs such marvels of Bioneering as Eingana. The garden is well-tended and must require careful maintenance, although if Zoe Castillo pretends to be a WATI employee Peats calls her a liar as all staff know they are forbidden to go up there. Zoë did not intend to go to the arboretum, and only found herself there after Faith took control of the elevator. Why Faith decided to do this is unknown - the absence of WATI staff makes the arboretum a good escape route for Zoë, but it is possible Faith wanted to show her Peats as well.

When the Twins chase Zoë from the arboretum she rides a Bot down from the roof to the other side of the canyon, where Damien Cavanaugh guides her to his apartment.

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