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'''Anna''' is one of the names of a mysterious character who claims to be a friend of Kian Alvane when they meet in the The Rooster and Kitten in Marcuria. She is dressed like a ranger and manages to see through Kian's Irhadian Veil. Anna implies that she and Kian have a shared history.

Anna and Kian's past is revealed and they date back to being on the streets of Sadir. Anna reveals to Kian that she uses different names in every city and the name she used in Sadir when they knew each other was 'Alayna'. Anna was being harassed by Vamon and his gang when Kian came and saved her from him. From then, Mother Utana looked after her until Anna mentions she was forced to leave Sadir. Anna says from that moment onward she loved Kian and thought of him everyday for 20 years until she found him in Marcuria.

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