http// Absolute concept mentioned twice in The Longest Journey, both in the ''Secrets of the Draic Kin''.
* "Why not ask, Who is the Creator? Or, What is the All? Questions thus asked will remain, in perpetuity, unanswered, for they are in truth unanswerable. To condense all knowledge of the Creator into one answer is futile, as is any attempt to define the All without describing every single element that makes up the All."
The mention of both the All and a Creator would seem to imply that the latter is something less than the former; perhaps a demiurge of eternal existence but limited power.
* Of the Draic Kin, a quote from the ''Scriptures of the Balance'' "Born of the emptiness between the Stars ... shaped in unison with the All, part of the All, yet outside the All."
It is this second reference that problematises any definition of the All. How are we to explain this description of the Kin as being coeval with the All ("shaped in unison"), and both part of and yet outside it?

The most obvious explanation would be to employ the school of theology known as http// Panentheism, in which a god is both fundamentally http// immanent and http// transcendent at the same time. This would allow the Kin to be both "part of the All, yet outside the All." Now while admittedly what we know of the Kin is limited at best, the idea of them as gods is one that does not seem to fit with their characterisation in TLJ.

A theology that would seem to fit much better is that of http// Emanationism. In this model a god is seen as the origin of all subsequent Creation (including lesser powers) which he "emanates" in the manner of rays of the sun. Each successive wave is one step more removed from the origin. In the case of http// Hermeticism this god is a monad, although in http// Manichaeism it is one of a http// dyad.

So, in that case, in TLJ the All is an original, unifying principle from which emanated both the Creator of what is and the Kin, although at what particular stages we are not told. In other words, the All represents the Supreme Being; the Creator a lesser, http// demiurgical power; and the Kin are similar powers - "angels", if you will.

Given that the overall character of TLJ is fundamentally Dualistic - specifically http// Gnostic, this would seem to be the best explanation.

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