All That We See or Seem...

''Chapter Nine''
===  Summary  ===

FileWesthouseandzoe.png Aboard the Cloudship, Zoe, Brian Westhouse and Crow are headed to the Dark People's Library on a long voyage. Zoë asks Brian about his background and how he ended up in Arcadia; he tells her his history, talking about the Tyren and Marcuria itself. Zoë can talk to Crow to distract him from his violent airsickness, and ask about himself and about April. Crow relates a little of their history together, including his personal perspective on April's change in attitude and his... unique approach to psychology. Finally Zoë goes to rest in the back of the ship.

When they reach the Library, they are met by one of the Dark People. He tells Zoë that the White Dragon reborn knew she was coming and is waiting for her inside; Crow suggests in an aside that Zoë get used to fate and destiny popping up everywhere. As they descend into the Library, Zoë is entranced by its exotic beauty while Brian is impressed by the volume of knowledge there.

The White of the Kin is sitting at a desk in the Library, and gets to her feet as Zoë approaches. She is fascinated by Zoë, saying "you're here, and yet you're not. Can I touch you?" Zoë is disturbed by this, but the White's attention is snatched to Brian. She says he's somehow familiar; his presence unnerves her and gives her goosebumps, but she puts it down to unfamiliarity with her human form. Brian excuses himself to explore the Library, and the White addresses Zoë once more.

She can tell that Zoë is not only lost in Arcadia, uncertain of her path, but stuck in life. The White of the Kin tells Zoë that she is special; she belongs to the Storytime, she is unique. The White says Zoë is dreaming this is not a dream, but Zoë is dreaming. If she wishes, she can go anywhere. Her faith will take her home. Zoë doesn't understand any of this. Neither does she understand how she is in Arcadia or what's happening. But she knows she wants to stop WATI, and save Reza. She asks for the White's assistance. The White Dragon beckons her close and whispers "You must find her, Zoë. You must help her. Wherever she is, that's where you're needed the most." Zoë promptly vanishes.

Crow is amazed. He asks if the White used magic, but the Kin says Zoë did it on her own. Crow shrugs from his experience, all human girls have a special destiny.

From above, Brian Westhouse has witnessed Zoë's disappearance. He voices no surprise, but simply comments "Most interesting."

Convergence - Crossroads
=== Themes & References === The title of this chapter refers to a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. The full quote is "Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?" This phrase is also quoted in the opening to Ragnar Tornquist's Anarchy Online novel, Prophet Without Honour. There it appears cited beneath the description of Jacob's Ladder from Gen. 28.12. {{DF Chapters}} ruГлава девятая Всё, что зрится, мнится мне… CategoryDreamfall CategoryChapters