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An Alchemist is the least powerful of all magic users, who wields it by creating potions. It requires no special talent or aptitude, and anyone with the proper education can be one.

Our only real Alchemical representative is Roper Klacks, although Klacks refers to an 'Alchemists' Academy'. April Ryan teaches herself some Alchemy using Klacks' laboratory, to release herself from his castle, save his petrified victims and free the trapped winds of the Northlands. She brews up several potions using bottles of alchemical essences Alchemist Essence, Red (burning coals), Alchemist Essence, Green (cobwebs), Alchemist Essence, Yellow (butterflies), Alchemist Essence, White (clouds) and a Alchemist Essence, Blue 'essence' that is actually a catalyst. The recipes for the potions are on a Torn Page in Klacks' labyrinth.

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Klacks also seems capable of more powerful effects, however, such as his floating castle and ability to rob all Ayrede of wind. He even uses it to throw some kind of fireball at April's feet. Lorhan implies this power comes from the Soulstone he has created, but this is in violation of the natural order and only possible because of the state of the Balance.

Klacks also mentions the Alchemical term ''Anzhabecquakaleea'', which he uses in a spelling contest against April and was absolutely not making up on the spot.

In the last 10 years Alchemy seems to have been lowered to the level of basic chemistry, but is still able to help Zoe escape Friar's Keep. Klacks sells potions ready-made from his market stall in the Magic Ghetto, though if Kian Alvane is passing, he quickly pretends to be selling "maritime supplies", not magical ones.

We also encounter Blind Bob, whose experiments in alchemy have left him permanently temperate, prone to seeing the sky in different colours, and "theoretically blind".

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