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Vacation paradise of the ancient Dolmari in the Bristan Atoll, dominated by a large volcano. Deserted by the Dolmari for hundreds of years at the time of TLJ, after they fell victim to the Great Plague. The ruins of their settlement still litter the island, including their system of telephony which utilises magic (and stymies unsuspecting TLJ players).

Alais is home to the Alatien, the winged folk, who live in the ruined village of Tama'a; the Orlowol, a race of giant crabs; the Stickmen, small beings who live at the base of a Mother Tree; and Q'aman the giant. It is also the site of a town where both the Alatien and the Maerum once lived in harmony and to which April Ryan restores them in order that the Tanyenn may grow in abundance.

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Concept art of April washing up on the beach of Alais was included in the ''Book of Secrets''. It looks as though the Orlowol village and Q'aman's fishing spot on the cliffs were originally on the other side.

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