===  The Longest Journey  ===

*The original group who created the Divide and the Balance between worlds was made up of six scientists and six Magic practitioners.

*Six years is the time it takes for the Maerum to train a Gatherer.
===   Dreamfall   ===

*In Dreamfall, the Azadi is ruled over by 6 Six. As Tyren and Ayrede have now come under their control, it is not uncommon to hear people swear using the phrase "Blessed be the Six"; where once they might have said "Blessed be the Balance", as the Azadi have outlawed the 'religion' of the Sentinel and their loyalty to the Balance.

*The chamber in which Kian speaks with the Six has 6 chairs for the empresses, and a further 36 (6 x 6) chairs for, presumably, their immediate inferiors who make up that number. One might speculate that their inferiors number 216, and so on.

*The imperial government and buildings in the Azadi capital Sadir appear to be organised along similar lines. Kian Alvane observes that only the finest soldiers are allowed inside the Sixth Circle, also known as the War Garden. This is evidently a level of some power and influence, as Commander Vamon suggets to the Sister Sahya that "Someone inside the Sixth Circle holds his hand" no doubt implying Garmon Koumas' mentorship of Kian. The implication might also be that the Sixth is the innermost circle, and so the 36 to fill the chairs of the Six's reception chamber might be the "Fifth Circle".

*An ordinary tour of duty for Azadi soldiers is 6 years.

*No doubt this obsession with the number 6 is based on the fact that Sadir, considered a holy place, is built on a delta where 6 rivers meet.

*In Sadir and in Marcuria (in the vicinity of the Azadi Tower) we can notice that a predominant shape in the Azadi's ornamentation is the hexagon.

*While it may be insignificant, Zoe and Gabriel Castillo moved to Casablanca 6 years ago. She has been training with Jama Mbaye since that time.
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