Yamatetsu Corp

Primary Business A high-technology corporation, Yamatetsu focuses on what it calls "(meta)human factors engineering." One way or another, most of its research involves boosting (meta)human performances in a wide range of fields. In fact, its official mission statement goes on at tedious length about "pushing back the limits constraining the (meta)human spirit" and such drek. Yamatetsu has its fingers in such diverst pies as imporved smartgun interface technology, various "performance boosters" such as modified wired reflexes and similar technologies, cutting-edge bioware, and ergonomically-designed teleoperation workstations.

Corporate Structure A diverse range of shareholders owns Yamatetsu Corporation. Thirteen or so major owners hold roughly 72 percent of the corp's stock, with the remainder trading on the open market. Tadamako Shibanokuji, Yamatetsu's chairman of the board, directly owns only 14 percent of the shares but controls a considerably larger chunk. CEO Sarulwano owns only 1 percent of the outstanding shares, giving him a relatively small equity position in the company. Major Divisions Yamatetsu organizes its divisions along regional lines. It has major divisions in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australasia, with a limited presence in the Middle East and India. Each major division has regional subdivisions, such as Yamatetsu Seattle. Within those subdivisions, departments are structured by function.

As a megacorp, Yamatetsu directly and indirectly owns many subsidiaries. Some of these subsidiaries report directly to corporate HQ in Kyoto, and others report to subdivisions much farther down the chain of command.

Executives & Big Wigs:

Jacques Barnard
    Executive VP, Yamatetsu North America 
Mary Luce
    Executive VP, Yamatetsu Seattle 
Mochikune Mibu
    Executive VP, Yamatetsu Asia 
Nadine Cross-Walters
    Executive VP, Yamatetsu Australasia 
Pierre Debruille
    Executive VP, Yamatetsu Europe 
John Eckert
    Executive VP, Yamatetsu India 
Nahid Mostafavi
    Executive VP, Yamatetsu Middle East