World Headquarters: Hong Kong Free Enterprise Enclave
President and Chairman of the Board: Wu-lung Wei
Corporate Status: Public 

Major Shareholders:
 Wu Lung Wei (24%)
 Fu Peng (12%)
 Sharon Chiong-Wu (11%)
 James Harper-Smythe (8%)
 Malaysian Independent Bank (85*)

Major Subsidiaries:
  Finance: Wuxing Financial Services, Prosperity Development Corporation, Albion Mutual Funds, Fidelity Mutual Insurance Corporation 
  Shipping: Wuxing Worldwide Shipping, Swift Wind Deliveries, Minh-Poo Exports, Cartwright Cartage and Freight Inc.
  Consumer Goods/Services: Jam-Bo Games, Eastern Electronics, Lotus Multimedia, Tiger Trideo and Simsense, Soba Foods, Saito Sludios