Tir Tairngire


Population:	5,610,000
Human:	1%
Elf:	85%
Dwarf:	7%
Ork:	5%
Troll:	Negligible
Other:	2%
Per Capita Income: 55,000
Population Below Poverty Level: 15%
On Fortune.s Active Traders List: 1%
Megacorporate Affiliation: 7%
Tir Tairngire-based Corporate Affiliation: 38%

High School Equivalency: 53%
College Equivalency: 30%
Advanced Studies Certificate: 13%
Regional Telecom Grid Access: NA/TT


West of the Cascade Mountains, the ocean moderates the climate to mild and humid conditions. Temperatures in July and August may reach 39 degrees Celsius, and often drop as low as -20 C in the middle of winter. Annual precipitation in the coastal region averages 3,500 mm. East of the Cascades, away from the Pacific's moderating influence, the average temperature is more extreme, ranging from summer highs of 43 C to winter lows of -37. In the interior tableland region, annual precipitation averages only 250 mm to 500 mm.


For admission into the Tir, visitors from other countries must show a valid passport from their home nation, medical records providing proof of relevant inoculations and so on (this varies depending on the country of origin), a one-way airline ticket out of the Tir (regardless of how the visitor entered the country), and a Visitor's Authorization Visa complete with an associated photo ident scan. The Visitor.s Authorization Visa (VAV) is the key document, available only in locations outside TirTairngire. Prospective visitors must apply in person to the nearest Tir Tairngire consulate, if their country of origin supports one, or electronically via the Matrix to the Visa Division of the Tir national government. The applicant must tender all personal records, including military, medical, and criminal, if applicable, an up-to-date photograph, a high-resolu-tion retinal scan, a listing of all current transimplant or personal enhancement technology, his or her reason for traveling to the Tir, and a signed/notarized authorization for the Tir to establish the bona fides of any records included with the application. Processing the VAV takes four to six weeks, and not everyone who applies for one receives it. The Tir considers entry into the country a privilege, not a right, and may reject any application without explanation. The VAV includes an encrypted file that must be loaded onto the visitor's credstick, and a macroplast identity card bearing a holographic image. The visitor must carry the identity card at all times, and must show it on request to any TirTairngire Peace Force officer, both the police and military branches. A VAV remains valid for up to 30 days. Any visitor unable to produce a valid VAV can be charged with a serious criminal offense.


To assist visitors with motor travel in the cities, Tir Tairngire boasts a GridGuide system even more sophisticated than the one in Seattle. Outside the cities, driving and navigation is left to the vehicle operators. In general the highways in the Tir are in much better repair than the roads through the Salish-Shidhe Council nation and most other Native American Nations. Tir Tairngire allows only electrically powered vehicles inside the nation's borders.

.[Predictably, this power-source restriction doesn't apply to the top dogs and their lapdogs, who get to drive or ride in whatever the frag they like. 
Only the underdogs have to stick with the no-petrochem rule. ]< .Rover (15:27:56/3-1 -54)
  >[The intro material in these first two files comes from an official Tourists' Advisory file I found in the newsnets, and provides basic official background on the Tir. 
  Feel free to insert all the usual comments, corrections, speculations, and so on. For more details on this information and deep background, see Spes' files that follow.]<

   .Captain Chaos (15:22:33/2-12-54)

   >[Most experts consider the population numbers published by the Tir government questionable. Eighty-five percent elven population seems hardly credible when the 
   percentage of initial UGE/elven births and the breeding rate of humans/elves are taken into consideration. Remember that only forty or so years have passed since UGE began; 
   that's two or three generations worth of reproduction (depending on the point from which breeding potential is measured).

   The Tir insists that its numbers are accurate, and anyone walking around the Tir would have to agree.]< .Number Man (09:12:52/3-3-54)

   >[Statistics prove that the percentage of post-2011 elven births recorded in Tir Nan Og (Ireland) rose far above the global average. The elf/dwarf birth rate 
   also showed higher in the Pacific Northwest than any other portion of the then-United States. 
   The same later held true for ingentisization. Geographical variance in population expression.what an interesting thought.]<  .People Person (12:51:54/3-4-54)



Population:	2,100,000
Human:	10%
Elf:	70%
Dwarf:	10%
Orc	7%
Troll:	3%
Other:	Negligible

Density in Populated Districts: 325 per square kilometer Per Capita Income: 29,000*
Below Poverty Level: 32%
Persons Rated on Fortune.s Active Traders List: 0%**
Persons of Megacorporate Affiliation: 17%
Persons of Tir Taimgire-based Corporate Affiliation: 35%
Felonious Crime Rate: 12 per 1,000 per annum Education:
High School Equivalency: 55%
College Equivalency: 15%
Advanced Studies Certificates: 2%
Hospitals: 75

Ter capita income rises to 112,000 when the inhabitants of Royal Hill are included in the calculation. .Rises to 3% when inhabitants of Royal Hill are included.

   >[Okay, boys and girls, back to the Tourist Advisory Board. Scope this file for the ins and outs of Portland; as usual, feel free to add any useful tips from the shadows.]<

      .Captain Chaos (08:10:21/2-24-54)


Legally speaking, Portland occupies an ambiguous position. Though it lies within the territory claimed by the Tir, the city seems less than fully part of the nation. Portland is the one place in TirTairngire where outsiders can visit and even work without undergoing extreme scrutiny by theTir's Immigration Department. Because of this, Portland exists in a strange twilight state, physically separated from the rest of the country by the Portland Wall. The government of the city reflects its separation from the rest of the Tir. A military tribunal runs Portland, enforcing a state of modified martial law.

>[ln other words, chummers, the cops are a lot tougher about breaking up trouble and arresting perps. 
     The boys in blue will quickly turn to the "hard option" to stop any violence (particularly if "outsiders" and non-elves
     are involved). Cops elsewhere might just roust you along if you're loitering on a corner at night; in Portland, they'll probably search you,
      generally frag you over, and then maybe arrest you for good measure.
   This doesn't necessarily mean the level of enforcement is exceptionally high. The cops in Portland are generally very militant, but they don't patrol 
   as extensively as elsewhere.particularly in the lower-class areas of Portland where no self-respecting elf would ever venture. 
   As I'll discuss later, some parts of the city are virtual free-fire zones as far as the cops are concerned. If they ever patrolled those areas, 
   they'd be breaking skulls and making arrests right, left and center. But they don't patrol them. Generally, they seem to believe that as long 
   as the trouble stays put.-and doesn't spread into the better neighborhoods.the non-elves can blow the drek out of each other and good riddance.]<
      .SPD (10:36:41/2-17-54)


The Wall is Portland's most noticeable feature. Ten meters high and almost a meter thick, this impenetrable barrier is topped by razor and cutwire, supplemented by two-phase X-ray lasers. A feat of remarkable engineering, the Wall surrounds the entire city, running along the south shore of the Columbia River from just west of the Rivergate Industrial District (Port of Portland), east to Interlachen, where it heads south through Fairview and Gresham. From there it cuts southwest to skirt Happy Valley on the west, and south along Highway 205 to the Clackamas River.

>[The 205 runs inside the Wall until the Clackamas River bridge, where it passes through a heavily-guarded gate.]< .Zack (06:11:31/3-2-54)
To the north, the Wall hugs the north shores of the Willamette River and Lake Oswego. It then passes west through Durham to the King City area and turns north once more. Its eastern 
portion passes through the east end of Beaverton before heading almost due north to the Willamette River. The major gates through the Wall are as follows: Multnomah Gate: North of the city, 
this gate is located where Highway 5 crosses the North Portland Harbor (the south arm of the Columbia River). The location corresponds with the old Washing-ton-Oregon State Line.

>[To reach the gate from the north, you've got to cross a huge old steel-span bridge (it might date back to before the secession. it sure looks like it). 
Fragging tank traps.big chunks of concrete. line the bridge like a slalom, making it impossible to get up enough speed to crash through the gate. 
All kinds of nasty ordnance are scattered on and around the gate and the bridge itself. A few troops patrol outside the wall.
 If you want to get through the gate, I don't advise the direct approach.]<
.BJ (11:39:58/3-3-54)

>[lf you're thinking of blowing a gate, this is the least sensible one to try. If you get pinned down for more than a couple of minutes, 
rest assured a unit of Peace Force infantry.probably with air support.will come to squash you into a grease spot.]<

.BJ (11:41:02/3-3-54)