A German car manufacturer around since the 1930ies. In the 2060th VW was a subsidiary of the Deutsche Treuhandanstalt, which took the car manufacturer for its amassed debts and kept it in its portfolio. 

After the Crash 2.0 Volkswagen was sold to Saeder-Krupp by the AGS gouvernment. - This was one of the controversial political decisions, which made Hamburg's delegates to leave the Bundesrat in Hannover in spring 2070. 

==Some Products==
*VW Elektro (electrically driven single-seater)
*VW Impuls (more or less a SR version of today's ''VW Golf'')
*VW Integra (more or less a SR version of today's ''VW Sharan'' aka ''Ford Galaxy'' aka ''SEAT Alhambra'')
*VW Iridio (known in North America as "Superkombi III"; available as pick-up, transport, family car and camping van)
*VW City Scooter (electrically driven trike for two passengers)
*VW TT50 (4x4 off-road transporter much like today's ''Unimog'')

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*Deutschland in den Schatten II (German only Sourcebook)
*Schattenst├Ądte - German Version of "Runners Havens"

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