'''Vancouver''' is the economic center of the Salish-Shidhe Council. It is under the control of the Cascade Crow tribe.

The only (second tier) Megacorporation headquartered there is Universal Omnitech, but there are a lot of smaller biotech and cybertech firms in Vancouver, including Pacific Cybernetics Incorporated. Near the city the German Proteus corporations. erected one of its arcoblocks, where they did some of their dubious research. Gaeatronics has a research park in the city.

The Philippines Great Dragon Masaru owns a condoplex on Vancouver Island.

The criminal underworld of the city is controlled by the Red Lotus Triad. The Red Lotus quashed an attempt to organize a Smuggler's Guild by outing its leader, Loop, as a ''vory'' ringer.

On December 3, 2059, an earthquake destroyed the Richmond suburb, built on reclaimed land in the Fraser River delta. The Cascade Crow conducted a ceremony to honor the dead, but have largely left the ruins to rot.


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