'''Vampires''' are baseline humans, infected with HMHVV. Vampires prey on sentient beings, absorbing the life essence of their victims along with the victim’s blood. Victims are typically thin and pale and suffer from chronic essence loss which can only be stemmed by draining the essence of others - most often through a blood-link. Those not outright killed in the transfer often find themselves sharing the vampire's affliction. More conscientious than other infected metahumans, vampires are able to restrain their hunger. Some vampires refuse to drain from an unwilling subject, while others revel in their role as predators and killers. Vampires become sick within the hour if they consume anything but blood, and they have particularly bad reactions to alcohol. treat as Nausea, p. 245 Shadowrun 4th Edition Corebook

Most vampires display a number of powers including enhanced senses, immunity to age, poison, and disease, the ability to turn into a mist, and rapid regeneration of damaged tissues. Many vampires display magical ability, and the transformation sometimes unlocks hidden magical potential. Such vampires are capable of learning and using magic just like a human. Vampire sorcerers are most likely the source of some legendary vampiric powers, such as the ability to change into animals or to mesmerize victims. 

Vampires also express a severe allergy to sunlight and/or other substances or objects, depending on the individual vampire's background. These may be garlic, wood, silver and/or ''holy objects''. Vampires have less buoyancy than metahumans. Vampires also have an additional weakness of Induced Dormancy in the case of lack of air. If a vampire is cut off from air for a period dependable on his actual Essence, it falls unconscious indefinitely. However, if the vampire is again exposed to air, it regains consciousness within a minute.

Like other sufferers of the HMHVV, vampires are able to pass the infection on to Metahumanity. - Though extremely rare, other metahuman subtypes have been reported as suffering from this expression of the disease. Though the claims have, thus far, proven very difficult to substantiate. 


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