Ute Nation

=Ute Nation
=FileFlag of the Ute Nation.jpg=Participatory Democracy {{src}} p.126
=11,658,000 {{src}} p.119
Humans 67% Orks 12% Elf 9% Dwarf 9% Trolls 3% =Provo = =Unknown =Unknown =Nuyen (¥) }} '''Ute Nation''' ==History== The Amerind tribes now in Ute Nation come from two distinct regions, the Plains (Comanche, Pawnee, Wichita, and Cheyenne) and the California Intermountain region (Ute, Shoshone, Paiute, Pomo). Historically (in the 19th century), the Plains tribes were more warlike than the California Intermountain tribes, and the Plains tribes relied on hunting buffalo for their livelihood. As the 19th century came to a close, the buffalo dwindled and Anglo ranchers came in increasing numbers. The original Ghost Dance was thought to be a protest movement that believed proper, fervent worship would bring the buffalo back and remove the settlers from the Plains. The majority of bloody wars in the 19th century North American West were fought between the Plains tribes and the United States. The California Intermountain tribes lived more in harmony with the Europeans who came, but fell on hard times when the Spanish missions that they came to depend on were abandoned in the mid-1800s. The dichotomy between the Plains tribes and the C-I tribes continued into the 21st century, as the Plains tribes were more likely to spark violence against Anglos than the C-I tribes, and the Plains tribes continue to vote against immigration legislation.{{src}} p.122 Of historical note, Daniel Howling Coyote was a Ute. The Ute nation was named in honor of his heritage.{{src}} p.120 === After the Matrix Crash 2.0 === Ute Nation had been hit hard by the Matrix Crash 2.0. Already sagging with a poor economy, the Crash was the straw that broke the Ute Camel's back. They requested aid from the Pueblo Corporate Council, and in 2067, the Ute Nation was absorbed into the Pueblo Corporate Council, and no longer exists as its own political entity. Its Denver sector was also absorbed by Pueblo.{{src}} p.34 == Politics == Politically, Ute Nation has a direct democracy that is unique out of the Native American Nations (and indeed, most of the modern world). Every law and proposition in the nation is put up for a vote, passing with a simple majority. The nature of this public vote is such that much advertising and money is put into buying the public's vote, and the voting process is always rife with corruption (and a popular theme for potential shadowruns). Voting machines are literally everywhere, accessible by cred stick or other identification, and everything from public water ordinances to changes in the legal code are put up to a public vote. Of course, the government council pick and choose which laws and propositions the public votes on, leading to criticism of exactly how democratic the Ute Nation government actually is. Ute Nation is possibly the most anti-Anglo of all of the NAN, and that's saying something, making Ute Nation a difficult place to work if you are an Anglo. Notable exceptions include Las Vegas, which Ute Nation relies on for its tourism business, and Salt Lake City, which is a sovereign Mormon-controlled city-state. However, most shadowrunners socialize within the unwanted and ostracized segments of society, which means the places that shadowrunners hang out are likely to be more ethnically tolerant than the general population. ===Foreign relations=== *relations with U.C.A.S. {{src}} pp.20-21 *relations with Germany {{src}} p.43 == Geography == === Lay of the Land === The Ute Nation comprises most of the former states of Utah and Nevada, along with the Southern portion of Idaho. The land is mostly desert and plains, with a few sections of forests along the bordering mountain ranges. Temperature extremes are the rule rather than the exception, especially in the deserts to the Southwest of the Great Salt Lake. The astral terrain ranges from the extremes of untouched wilderness to proving grounds for nuclear weapons and toxic waste dumps. The Grand Canyon power site is here, as well as Red Rock Canyon. The Joshua Tree Memorial lies on the border of Ute and Pueblo contested territory, and the Petrified Forest is within the Ute Nation borders. The entirety of Salt Lake City is a strong power site aspected against any magic not related to the Mormon religion. ===Major Cities=== *Las Vegas *Provo *Salt Lake City ==Magic== *Native American "Re-education Centers" have a background count of 5 {{src}} p.84 ==Economy== ===Corporate Presence=== Most megacorporations have some sort of foothold in Ute Nation, and the country is desperate to gain the corporate jobs that the corps can provide. In particular, Aztechnology, Yokogawa, Sony, and MCT all have a strong presence in Ute. {{src}} p.126 While most of the employees are tribal, a few corporations have opted to go the "corporate campus" route, providing an insulated, if isolated, working environment for their non-Amerind talent. "Beltway Bandits" -- The beltway through Provo is filled with local corporations that specialize in various electronics and security gadgets. Most of these are staffed by talented graduates of Brigham Young University, and the Beltway Bandits represent the finest tech talent Ute Nation has to offer.{{src}} p.124 Ute Nation is currently undergoing a long and devastating recession, secondary to the nation's rabid Anti-Anglo stance. Non-Amerind talent simply do not want to move into Ute Nation, and the economy has severely suffered as a result. While some political and economic leaders are trying to change this to help improve the Ute Nation economy, the public view is still quite anti-Anglo and is likely to be for some time.{{src}} ? ==Crime== ===Shadows=== *Shadowland node in (at least) Las Vegas {{src}} p.27 ===Smuggling=== *The Big Dance, smuggling route runs through the Ute Nation {{src}} p.84-87 ===Underworld=== *Mafia influence in Las Vegas {{src}} p.37 ==References== ==Index== *{{src}}, 119-134 *{{src}} == External Links == *{{Shadowiki}} ''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun'' CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of North America deUte Nation
== Launch Facilities and Matagorda Island ==

''The Tanegashima launch facility is operated by Hisato-Turner. Trans-Orbital launches spaceplanes from Matagorda Island (yotc.18). The Kagoshima launch pad is still operated by the Japanese government (yotc.19).'' 

The two launch facilities, Tanegashima and Kagoshima, I believe are the same site. Tanegashima island is located in the Kagoshima prefecture. The only spaceport currently in Kagoshima, and in all of Japan for that matter, is the Tanegashima Space Center, which is also the headquarters for the NASDA, the Japanese version of NASA. This leaves three possibilities 1) Kagoshima is a new spaceport, built with in twenty years time (TWL mentions that Shibata begins launching it's commerical satellites in 2023 from Kagoshima) in addition to Tanegashima; 2) Tanegashima Space Center is split. The heavy lift Yoshinbo tower is kept by the JIS, while the older and more commerically viable Osaki tower a few klicks away is sold off. 3) the JIS sell off the two launch towers, convert the entire southern complex few klicks away from a test range to a launch facility.

BTW, Matagorda Island is in the Gulf of Mexico (to be specific, it is in Matagorda Bay, but it's seperated by a pennisula from the Gulf of Mexico). It took me some fact checking, and I have not found anything about a Matagorda island ever being in the hands of the Japanese. It used to be a practice field and target range for the Army Air Corps. I'm going to move this based off this new information to either Aztlan or CAS/Texas articles, mostly like the CAS/Texas since it's an independent company.--UserYoungFreud 2337, 21 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Just be careful about breaking canon, and make it clear when you do.  (yotc) should refer to the ''Year of the Comet'' sourcebook, which I don't have.  I assume you're just moving the entry, and not the ownership of the island? --UserMshieh 1219, 22 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Correct. I'm going to keep Tanegashima and Kagoshima seperate for now. Trans-Orbital's Matagorda island pad, OTOH, will be moved. I can understand the confusion there. On pg19, there's talk about the runners up in launch pad operations industry Fed-Boeing, Hisato-Turner, and Trans-Orbital. Fed-Boeing uses a mobile Sea Launch platform, while it's mentioned, both in the same paragraph, that Hisato-Turner operates the Tanegashima facility, and Trans-Orbital runs Matagorda island pad. Matagorda island is definitely in North America, as one of the Shadowtalkers mentions that he hitched a ride with T-O and their security is a bunch of New Jersey street samurai.

Kagoshima is mentioned in a section about nation-state operated spaceports that starts on the same page.--UserYoungFreud 1818, 22 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

== Government Type ==

k, I removed "Imperial state" as a government type, as Empire and Imperialism aren't a form of government, but a type of autonomy over a region. (Wikipedia's link to http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_type form of government should give an idea). JIS homeland's government is a constitutional monarchy, mainly because the government synopsis shown on YoTC, pg 100., is almost exactly the same breakdown you can find on Wikipedia or any encyclopedia entry on Japan, all of which describe it as a constitutional monarchy. However, this is why the JIS is an Empire the JIS homeland is run differently, with a representative government etc., than it's annexed and conquered territories and protectorates are run by appointed governors stationed in the ruled country.--UserYoungFreud 0106, 23 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

== Flags ==

Wordman was using the modern Japanese flag instead of the Japanese Empire flag.

{=1 ImageFlagJapan.gif

Is there a definitive answer to this that we can use as a footnote?  --UserMshieh 0358, 24 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

California Free State and the California Protectorate use the mix between the Imperial Japan standard shown here and the California state flag. You can find it on http//www.shadowrunrpg.com/resources/na_flags.shtml the official SR SoA flag page. Given this, I assumed that the old Imperial Japan war flag would come back in style. Hell, it's used today by the MSDF, and a eight-ray, gold border variant is used by the JGSDF.

Also, I believe, based off the snippet shown in an illustration in SoA, pg 41, the actual official Imperial Japan flag in SR is similar to the Imperial flag shown, except the rays do not connect to the sun disc. BTW, the flag shown on YoTC, pg 99, being held by I assume is Yasuhito (which bugs me; he's fourteen but the drawings make him look like he's 8 to 10) possibly follows the roundel used on Imperial military aircraft in WW2 if the flag is white, then the sun disc is red border by yellow. --UserYoungFreud 0517, 24 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)


I chose Kyoto for several reasons it was the captial the Japanese gamers assigned to the JIS, there's a real history tied to the city as the capitol in the pre-Meiji era, and there has been talk in the RL Diet about moving from Tokyo due to congestion. Now, I was reading through Cyberpirates for the fifteenth time since posting here and found something that caught my eye. On page 75 of the book, last sentence on the page, the Huk pirate Cholo makes mention of talking about they are so wanted criminals, that if they showed their faces at a gas station, the JIS would have "our locations reported to Manila and Kyoto". Manila, of course, is the capital of the Philippines. Deducing this, if Cholo is making a reference to the seats of power in the Philippines and Japan, then this could be official evidence of Kyoto being the capital of the JIS. BTW, no mention of the capital is ever made in YoTC's JIS section.--UserYoungFreud 0146, 25 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)