Urban Brawl

'''Urban Brawl''' is an officially non-lethal sport where teams compete in an urban environment. The goal is to bring a ball into enemy's base, incidentally causing as much mayhem as possible (the rules clearly state that the object of the game is to score goals, not kill opponents). Cyberware, non-heavy weaponry, and some armor are permitted. Magic is not. Fatalities are a common occurrence.

Urban Brawl can trace its origins to a France gang war that turned into a corp multimedia circus in the 2020s. The fad took root in North America before Europe (busy with EuroWar). The first North American championship was held in 2037; the first international, in 2046 (International Urban Brawl World Cup is now held every two years).

The Seattle Urban Brawl team is called Seattle Screamers.

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