The '''UCAS Navy''' was formed from elements of the US and Canadian navies when the United Canadian and American States itself was formed in 2030.

==Aircraft carriers==
USS ''Koontz'' – A nuclear supercarrier.  The carrier group's homeport circa 2052, was the Everett Naval Shipyard.{{sup|''SSB''}}

USS ''WikipediaColin Powell'' – A nuclear supercarrier, and the lead ship of its class.  The carrier group's homeport circa 2070, is the Everett Naval Shipyards.{{sup|''R3'' & ''RH''}}

Only the Imperial Japanese Navy and Saeder-Krupp also operate heavy carriers.{{sup|''R3''}}

When CAS seceded, the CAS Navy got most of the nuclear missile subs, leaving the UCAS with primarily land-based silos and bombers.

USS ''Columbia'' – The lead ship of her patrol sub class.  While the design uses an economical diesel/electric engine, electrolytic oxygen generators extend its mission durations.{{sup|''R3''}}

USS ''New Hampshire'' (SSN 29) – The lead ship of her attack sub class.  This design began to replace the ''Seawolf II'' and ''Toronto'' classes in 2048.  It is particularly suited to insertion and extraction of SEAL teams, in addition to its regular search-and-destroy missions.  The 13th ship of the class was completed in 2059.{{sup|''CP'' & ''R3''}}

USS ''North Virginia'' (SSN 42) – The 11th ''New Hampshire'' class attack sub was launched in 2057.{{sup|''CP''}}

USS ''Manitoba'' (SSN 45) – The 12th ''New Hampshire'' class attack sub was launched in 2059.{{sup|''CP''}}

USS ''Seattle Metroplex'' (SSN 46) – The 13th ''New Hampshire'' class attack sub was launched in 2059.{{sup|''CP''}}

==Other ships==
WikipediaUSS Constitution''Constitution'' – This famous ship has a notable background count, and is rumored to be the personal domain of a free hearth spirit.{{sup|''R3''}}

USS ''Ohio'' – The lead ship of her corvette class.{{sup|''R3''}}

Brooklyn Naval Yards – The UCAS base for much of the country's non-carrier North and Mid-Atlantic fleet. The Coast Guard also bases there.{{sup|''NAG-NA''}}

Everett Naval Hospital – Once restricted to military personnel, it is now also open to the public.{{sup|''SSB''}}

Everett Naval Shipyards – The only UCAS naval facility on the Pacific.  It was built in the 1990s as a homeport for a carrier group, and is capable of repairing and resupplying the largest of warships.  Commanded circa 2050 by WikipediaRear Admiral Jennifer McNair, and circa 2070 by WikipediaVice admiral John Lienhard.  There is a Salish-Shidhe military base just across the border.
Under treaty provisions, the shipyard also services ships from the Salish-Shidhe Council Defense Forces and the City of Seattle. In 2071, the facility hosted joint war games with the CAS Navy.{{sup|''SSB'' & ''RH''}} Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – The base is still UCAS territory, although its operation was sub-leased to Ares in the 2050s, with both the megacorp and the UCAS Navy using the facilities.{{sup|''CP''}} New London, Connecticut – One of the few submarine bases the UCAS has left, it is noted as being especially well guarded.{{sup|''NAG-NA''}} ==Notes & Background== {{sup|''CP''}} ''Cyberpirates!'' (2059), pages 34, 179
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{{sup|''SoNA''}} ''Shadows of North America'' (2062), page 70 The ship names above demonstrate that the Navy ceased naming aircraft carriers after former presidents, presumably upon being reorganized as the UCAS Navy. The USS ''Koontz'' may be named after USMC Sgt. Maj. Leonard Koontz, one of the highest decorated Marines from the Vietnam War, who received both the WikipediaNavy Cross and the WikipediaSilver Star. However, it could also be a typo, and be named after WikipediaRobert Coontz. Coontz who was the Commandant of the Puget Sound Navy Yard (1914–1918), the second Chief of Naval Operations (1919–1923), and commanded the USS ''Seattle'' as his flagship. His name was often misspelled Koontz in the press, which may also have led to the wrong spelling in the ''SSB''. CategoryUCAS CategoryMilitary deUnited Canadian and American States Navy