'''Turkey''' is a former republic that existed from 1920s to 2039. It joined the Alliance for Allah, which precipated the Great Jihad. After the invasion of Turkey by European countries in response to the Great Jihad, the country was split into the secular republic of Secular Republic of TurkeyEast Anatolia.

Turkey was founded in the 1920s by Atatürk who abolished the Ottoman Caliphate and supressed the many rebellions and Islamic movements in the early years of the country. The country was Westernized through his reforms. The Islamists were kept in check by the military.

The Islamists gradually started rising to power as the military withdrew from politics. After the European Union rejected Turkey's membership request, the Islamists gained more power and joined the coalition government. Due to the instability created by the Crash Virus of 20292029, they came to power after winning the elections in 2032.

After the "United Islamic Conference" held in 2033 failed, the extremist Islamist government of Turkey formed an alliance with extremist Islamist governments in other countries as well as terrorist groups. The alliance called Alliance for Allah and led by al-Qaeda's Mullah Sayid Jazrir, precipitated the Great Jihad (also called EuroWars II) and invaded Europe. The Jihad was called the Ottoman Jihad because it originated in Turkey, had popular support in the country and the infrastructure of Turkey's military was utilised as the framework by the alliance in this war.

After the assassination of Jazrir, the alliance broke down amid infighting. After the EuroWars ended in 2037, European countries then invaded Turkey and toppled the government in Ankara. A provisional government was then installed. By 2039, most of Turkey had been cleared from the insurgent remnants of the AfA except in the eastern part of the country. The Secular Republic of Turkey (also called Western Turkey or simply Turkey) was created in the same year while the Islamist insurgents remained in power in the eastern part of the country which is now called Eastern Anatolia.

Turkey was a secular and officially democratic country. The country had been Westernised through Atatürk's reforms. Although the country was officially proclaimed to be democratic, in reality, the effective control was held by the Turkish military. However after the military stopped interfering in politics, the political scene came to be dominated by hardline Islamists.

The westernized Maffiya and the neo-fascist Grey Wolves were prominent criminal factions. The Grey Wolves had connections with the Turkish underworld and the government. The Islamist government started cracking down on crime after being elected with the Maffiya receving the worst share of punishment. The paramiliatry-like Wolves fared better, but were eventually forced to shift their power base to Athens. After the end of the EuroWars, they returned to Turkey with the help of Comorra and Cosa Nostra.

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