Transys Neuronet

=Transys Neuronet
=AA=Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
=Fiona Blareth
=Sir Archibald Leigh-Hunt
=Celedyr (37%)
Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal (22%) = }} '''Transys Neuronet''' was a UK-based corporationCategoryAA Corporations headquartered in Edinburgh, specializing in Matrix Industry, bioware and cyberware research. The company was backed partly by the Welsh Great Dragon Celedyr, and was working on cyberware for dragon, a feat mentioned in Dunkelzahn's Will. In the wake of Matrix Crash 2.0, Transys merged with Erika and Novatech to form NeoNET, a new AAA megacorporation. ==Pre-Merger Corporate Hierarchy== ;Transys Neuronet Great Britain '''Head Office''' Bristol, England (UK) '''Division Head''' Colin Rayford '''Major Subsidiaries''' Bristol Optics, Commonwealth Enterprises, Transys Data Services ;Transys Neuronet Europe '''Head Office''' Stockholm, Sweden (Scandinavian Federation) '''Division Head''' Lili Gessle '''Major Subsidiaries''' Mindstrom Neurotechnologies, Götaland Telekom ;Transys Neuronet Asia '''Head Office''' Shanghai '''Division Head''' Lao Yengtai '''Major Subsidiaries''' Suzhou Biotechnology, China Cable Ltd., TriCom Telecommunications ;Transys Neuronet America '''Head Office''' Toronto, Ontario (UCAS) '''Division Head''' Jeremy Thomason '''Major Subsidiaries''' Iris Software, InterScience Inc., Belle Mead Communications === Other Subsidiaries === * Emerging Futures, purchased from Ares in 2063 ==Index== *{{src}}, 44 *{{src}} *{{src}}, 63 *{{src}} *{{src}} ==External Links== *http// Eurocorps Ratings *{{Shadowiki}} CategoryCorporations CategoryAA Corporations deTransys Neuronet frTransys Neuronet