Tina Andrews

FileJudy.png'''Starlight''' is the street name of an ex-Shadowrunner named '''Tina Andrews''' who became a star Urban Brawler for the Seattle Screamers. She is an 38 year old elven woman of striking beauty, with tawny blond hair framing a dark complexion and hazel eyes At the time of ''A Killing Glare'' (2054).. She grew up in Denver, and moved to Seattle with her mother after her father died. She became a rigger of some renown under the tutelage of Bubba. She ran with Bubba and Top Cat (who eventually became her lover) under the payroll of Aztechnology for a number of years, until a botched run soured her and Top Cat to running for Aztechnology. She left with Top Cat to Boston, acquired cosmetic surgery, and then joined the International Urban Brawl league, starring in the duo Punch and Judy.



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