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I'll likely load up some of my house rules here until I find a better place.  They range from Adept power and bio/cyber implant cost reassignments to an overhaul of the hacking rules.  - 19 Nov 07

== Adept Powers ==

=== Adept Power Notes ===

The Tradition Attribute for most Adepts is Body, although the GM may permit Adepts of different Paths to use different Attributes.  For Mystic Adepts, it is whatever their magical tradition is; non-mystic Adepts, even those aligned with a tradition, are distinct enough in their pursuit of magic that they do not receive this effect.  This affects any power which calls for a Drain Test, even if it ordinarily specifies that the Adept uses Body.

I have two important changes to Adept Powers.  First, characters may buy up to their Magic + Willpower, but they can only utilize their (Magic) in powers simultaneously.  Changing which powers are currently active ordinarily requires ten minutes of meditation per power point; they can attempt to speed up the process with an Extended Test of Magic + Willpower (1 minute), with a Threshhold equal to 2 + the number of power points being changed (round up) times 3.  This also prompts a Drain Test vs a DV of 2 per attempt during the Extended Test upon its completion (whether failed or successful).  A Critical Glitch may, at the GM's option, cause the Drain to be Physical without aborting the test.

Adept powers come "free" with each point of Magic; additional powers up to the character's limit cost 8 BP per power point (calculate fractions appropriately) or 16 Karma (").

Secondly, all Attribute boosts from Adept powers stack with all other Attribute boosts from Adept powers unless specifically otherwise noted here.  They do not stack with Attribute boosts from other sources, again unless otherwise noted.  Since I've eliminated the Reaction boost from Improved Reflexes, there is no current application for this rule, but it remains in effect if necessary.

=== Revisions to Existing Powers === 

Adept Power / Cost / Source or Reference
Notes Astral Perception / 1 / sr4 p187
A special effect of this Adept power allows them to make Assensing and Astral Combat tests untrained, using the standard defaulting rules (Attribute pool -1 die). Powers such as Enhanced Perception add to this normally. Attribute Boost (Attribute) / Special / sr4 p187
The cost of this power is .5 + .25 per level. Buying the .5 version allows the character to make a Magic test to boost the relevant Attribute as described in sr4; each additional .25 spent (maximum equals character's Magic) provides a +2 modifier to this test. Distance Strike / 2 / sm p176
This power will work on any melee or unarmed attack. For unarmed attacks, it includes the benefit of Critical Strike. Freefall / NA / sm p177
See Great Leap. Great Leap / .25 per level / sr4 p187, sm p177
As written, plus the effects of Freefall. Freefall is eliminated as a power choice. Improved Physical Attribute (Attribute) / 1 per level / sr4 p187
This power costs a fixed one point per level, regardless of where it stands in respect to the individual's augmented maximum. It's already inefficient compared to cybware/bioware -- the extra limitation is unnecessary. Improved Reflexes / 1 per level / sr4 p188
Flat 1 point per level cost; however, the power only adds one point to Initiative and Dodge tests, not to Reaction as a whole. With the rules as written, it made far more sense for Adepts to use Synaptic Booster bioware; it's still much more efficient, but not grossly so, and potentially outweighed by other advantages. Iron Will / .5 per level / sm p177
Clarification When a character's Attribute is the Threshold for a critter power or spell of the appropriate type, this power also raises that Threshold by its level. Living Focus / 1 / sm p178
The Adept does not suffer penalties to his or her actions while sustaining a spell. However, s/he may not rest or sleep while doing so, and if s/he falls unconscious, the spell ends. Missile Parry / Special / sr4 p188
The cost of this power is .5 + .25 per level. Buying the .5 version grants the catch effect described in sr4 using attribute only; each additional .25 spent, up to the character's Magic attribute, adds two to this test. Penetrating Strike / Special / sm p179
This power may be taken a number of times up to the Adept's Magic attribute, as with other powers. However, each level has a cumulative cost. The first level costs .25, the second level costs .5 more (.75), the third level costs .75 more (1.5), the fourth level costs 1 more (2.5), the fifth level costs 1.25 more (3.75) and so on. === New Powers === '''Note''' I use weird cost calculations sometimes. Sorry. Accelerated Regeneration / .5 Base + .5 per level (1 for the first level, 1.5 for the second, 2 for the third, etc)
Each level of this power decreases the duration required for a Healing Test by a factor of 1. In other words, the first level reduces it to one-half, the second level reduces it to one-third, and so on. Handy table {="1" |+ Time ! Level !! Stun !! Physical !! Cost ! 0 ! 1 ! 2 .5 ! 3 ! 4 /4 hrs .5 ! 5 } ... Glide / 1
This power allows an Adept to remain aloft for (Magic / 2, round normally) Combat Rounds after any Jumping Test. Movement during this period is accomplished by Jumping Tests; treat these as running jumps (the adept does not have to move the full distance indicated, but must move at least 3 meters each round, or s/he will fall). S/he may choose whether or not to gain or lose altitude; if so, the altitude gained may be up to 1/4 the horizontal distance traveled. S/he may lose a similar amount of altitude safely... more than that will result in a fall. As mentioned above, a failure to move at least three meters in a round results in an automatic fall. Being 'knocked down' by damage also results in a fall. Powerful Glide / .5 per option
The adept may choose one of the following enhancements for his or her Glide power '''Inertia''' The character automatically moves her (Agility + Magic)/2, rounded down, each round, without the need for a Test or an Action. She may make additional tests to move farther if desired. '''Unbounded''' The character may take this enhancement up to twice. The first time permits her to ascend or safely descend 1/2 the horizontal distance traveled, and the second time permits her to ascend or descend up to the full horizontal distance traveled. '''Resilient''' Increase the character's Body by 1/2 their Agility rating to determine the number of boxes of damage they must take in order to be knocked down while leaping. Other Knockdown enhancements apply. Longshot / 1 per level
This power functions like Improved Physical Attribute, except it affects Edge. === New Adept-Specific Metamagic === '''Celerity''' The Adept who has learned this metamagic enhances their nervous system with magical power, guiding their reactions and allowing them to react with supernatural speed. In game terms, they gain two dice on all tests related to surprise, defense, or reaction time; this does not include ordinary Vehicle tests (those related to successfully performing complex manuevers, for instance), but does affect any tests related to avoiding a crash or swerving away from a sudden obstacle (such as a small animal). More importantly, all reflex-based powers they possess are enhanced, as follows *Missile Parry allows them to roll Reaction + Weapon skill or Unarmed + Rating against slow moving objects, and Reaction + Rating against fast objects such as bullets. They may not catch fast objects such as bullets, and may only parry them unarmed if they possess the Killing Hands power.
*The effects of Combat Sense are doubled (two dice per level) for the purpose of Surprise Tests.
*Each level of Improved Ability (Reaction) adds an additional point to the character's Initiative score, up to their augmented maximum.
*The third level of Improved Reflexes adds to Reaction rather than Initiative.
*The damage value of an attack affected by the Quick Draw power is increased by one-half the character's modified Reaction Attribute. Other benefits may apply, as determined by the Game Master.