Taihang Mountains

FilePosition_Taihang_Shan.png'''Taihang Mountains''' (chin. 太行山, ''Taihang Shan'') are a mountain range between the Republic of China und the Kingdom of Shaanxi. After a nuclear accident early in the century the region is radioactively contaminated.

*The names Shanxi and Shandong (in Shadowrun the eastern portion of Shaanxi and a coastal province respectively) refer to the Taihang Mountains or Taihang Shan in Pinyin. "Shan" means mountains, "xi" west and "dong" east, so the regions are named for their position west and east of the mountain range.

*''Shadows of Asia'' and the ''Sixth World Almanac'' use the name "Tai-Hei mountains" which is not a common name for the mountain range. {{srcAbbr}} p.22, {{srcAbbr}} p.131

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*http//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/CategoryTaihang_Mountains Wikimedia Commons Images - Taihang Mountains

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