{{City=Tacoma (as of 2072)
='''Local Telecomm Grid Access''' 5206
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|} '''Tacoma''' is the main dock district of Seattle. It also has a noticeable industrial presence, both in forms of large factories, and in local microfactories. A notable part of the neighborhood is the "Little Asia" neighborhood. ==Geography== Tacoma borders many other districts, including Puyallup, so events in Tacoma often spill over into other districts. It's a relatively flat district. ==Demographics== About 400,000 people live here. Most of them are middle-class. ==Politics== 2049 saw the election of mayor Eva W. Pratt, following the assassination of mayor Michael Alvarado. ==Economy== Tacoma is major transportation hub, particularly due to its docks and railway station. It is also a major manufacturing center. The district is the third most important economic center for Seattle, after Downtown and Bellevue. ==Culture== Due to Tacoma's docks and heavy industry, there is a local joke concerning the so-called "Tacoma aroma". == Lone Star Security Ratings == * AAA Rustin, University Place, Zenith * AA Federal Way, Menlo Park, Steilacoom, Dupont * A Fircrest, Lakewood Center * B Des Moines, Kent * C Fife, Milton, Northeast Tacoma, South Tacoma ==Places of Interest== ===Lists of hotels in Seattle=== * Lakewood Comfy Cubicle - Coffin hotel. The manager, Bruce Meyrick, is a mage and former shadowrunner with a pet eyekiller named Gouger. * Sheraton Tacoma - Luxury hotel, famous for protecting hundreds of metahumans during the Night of Rage. Ork underground connections. * Tacoma Dome Hotel - Luxury hotel ===Lists of restaurants in Seattle=== * Gianelli's Restaurant * Lakewood Shezan - Medium restaurant, Tanzanian-Indian cuisine * Tacoma Style - Medium restaurant, Salish cuisine, located above the Style nightclub, a popular meeting place ===Lists of bars and nightclubs in Seattle& Nightclubs=== * Basil’s Faulty Bar - Bar. Owner Abe Heep was once an intelligence operative (code-name Tangent) who still trades secrets from time to time. * DeClerry’s * Fenris Nacht * Palace of China ===Lists of attractions in Seattle=== * Charles Royer Station - Transportation depot; train station for bullet trains to San Francisco, also local heliport, built in the style of a 1930s train station. Seattle's sole passenger train station. * Crying Wall * Sea-Tac Mall - Shopping mall * Tacoma Ferry Terminal - Links Tacoma with downtown Seattle and Everett * Tacoma Mall - Oldest shopping mall in Tacoma, quaint and middle-class * Villa Plaza - Shopping mall ===Lists of government buildings in Seattle=== * Port of Tacoma Police Station - Local Lone Star precinct overseeing the port and downtown Tacoma * Silcox Island Correctional Facility - 30-story building in the center of Silcox Island; a hellhole for hard-core convicts * Tacoma District Courthouse - Courthouse complex * Tacoma District Hall - Government offices ===Lists of businesses in Seattle=== * Brichert Paper Mills - Producers of paper and cardboard, working on new products to improve their sagging bottom line * Federated Boeing Metalworks * Learson Shipyards - Producers of commercial ships * Pacific Rim Communications Unlimited Seattle HQ * Shiawase Corporation Seattle HQ * Tacoma Nybbles & Bytes - Store, carries computer equipment and magical supplies * Zalensky’s Electronics - Body shop, ties to the Yakuza ===Lists of medical facilities in Seattle=== * Doctor’s Hospital of Tacoma - Hospital and body shop * Humana Hospital - Hospital owned by Shiawase * Margaret Bridge Child Health Hospital - Hospital specializing in child care, renowned for research into childhood diseases and their effects on metahuman children * Tacoma Charity General - Hospital run by several charity organizations ==Crime== Tacoma lies at the heart of the conflict between the Mafia and the Yakuza in Seattle, making mob violence commonplace. The violence has lasted since at least 2050s to 2070s with little sign of subduing. Major gangs include The Ragers and The Spikes. {{NavBoxSeattle}} ==Comments== *Vital statistics were unchanged from 2050 to 2072 or were not reported more than once. Infoboxes for specific decades can be found in on the first page of relevant sourcebooks (see sources). *2072 book did not provide an update on any topics but places of interest ==Index== *{{src}}, 44-47 *{{src}} , 107 *{{src}}, 72-74 *{{src}}, 73-81 ==External links== *{{Shadowiki}} deTacoma frTacoma plTacoma CategorySeattle districts

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New official Evo logo 

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Old version of Evo logo (the one who looked similar to the Yamatetsu logo)

Source Shadowrun Fourth Edition
'''Grawp''' is a realy stupid Giant and a spammer, who dropped redirects all over the matrix, moving articles with usefull content of information to the bad article name "Hagger?" with a variable number of questionmarks.
- He was blocked therefor by the sysop UserAdamJury