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=Tom Dowd
Paul Hume = = =1 =FASA Corporation =1989 = = = =English = = =1st =adventure = =2050 = }} '''Mercurial''' is a 1st edition Shadowrun Adventure that takes place in 2050. It introduces the runners to the Sixth World rocker Maria Mercurial. The runners foil several kidnapping attempts as Maria Mercurial's past catches up with her. ==Detailed information== *SourceMercurial/Credits *SourceMercurial/Summary *SourceMercurial/Table of Contents== Cast of Shadows == *Kyle Morgan *Perianwyr *Maria Mercurial *Max Foley *Armando Hernandez == Related Sourcebooks and Novels == * Kyle Morgan and Perianwyr appear in {{src}}. * http// Shadowrun Mercurial, a UGC created by the modding community for the popular Dragonfall Director's Cut CRPG. ==Translations== *German Mercurial *Hebrew מאריה כספיתי {{Shadowrun Products}} ==External links== {{Shadowiki}} {{DEFAULTSORTMercurial}} CategorySources (adventures) CategorySources deQuelle, en Mercurial