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"Advancing Life"
= AAA = Osaka, Japan
= Tadashi Shiawase (before the Matrix Crash 2.0)
Korin Yamana (after the Crash) = Sadato Shiawase (before the Crash)
Empress Hitomi (after the Crash) = Public ='''Before the Crash''' Sadato Shiawase (13%) Tadashi Shiawase (11%) Sako Shiawase (10%) Ryoi Shiawase (10%) Korin Yamana (8%) Reiko Shiawase-Shimada (<3%) '''After the Crash''' Korin Yamana (16%) Reiko Shiawase-Shimada (14%) Empress Hitomi(13%) Tadashi Shiawase (9%) Mitsuko Shiawase-Yamana (5%) James Mancuso (4%) Nigel Coltrane (4%) Sadato Shiawase (3%) Soko Shiawase (2%) =}} '''Shiawase Corporation''' (シアワセ, "happiness"), headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is the eighth largest corporation in the world and the largest Japanese corporation. It is generally considered the first megacorporation, defined by the Shiawase Decision in 2001. It was founded by the Shiawase family (幸 or 倖) in post-WWII Japan, and to the current day, it remains a family-owned corporation. In 2060, Korin Yamana married Mitsuko Shiawase and Shiawase purchased the remains of Fuchi Industrial Electronics. Japan's Emperor Yasuhito married Shiawase Hitomi, an otaku, in 2064. The machinations of the members of the Shiawase family led to a dramatic shift of power after the Matrix Crash 2.0. ==History== In 1989 Emori Shiawase assumed control of the Shiawase enterprise, and led it into Shiawase's Golden Age. Upon his death in 2019, he became idolized as Shiawase's patron spirit. This is important because Shiawase is, oddly enough, a really religious (Shinto) corporation. So the kami, or ancestor spirits, are of immense importance to them. In 2027, Shiawase acquired the patent to a functioning and profitable nuclear fusion reactor. This quickly helped push Shiawase into the forefront of the energy game and was the start of Shiawase Atomics. The head of Shiawase Atomics was Sadato Shiawase, and within a short six years he rose to power and assumed the position of CEO. This, in no way, pleased everyone in the Shiawase family. Most notably Sadato's elder sister, Soko. By his order in 2035, the Marketing Information and Forecasting Department (MIFD) was created. This innocuous sounding division was established as a corporate espionage/counter espionage division that also tracked profitable market trends for Shiawase to capitalize on. For almost a dozen years, Shiawase laid low and raked in record profits. Then seemingly out of nowhere in 2049, Sadato had the fiance of his eldest sister (Soko) arrested for the trumped up charge of espionage. This angered Soko to the point she sent assassins after Sadato. Sadato managed to survive the initial attack, and began feuding privately with his sister. This came to abrupt end in 2050 when a fuel-air bomb meant to kill Sadato, instead kills sibling between Soko and Sadato, Ryoi. This brought an end to hostilities between the siblings. They banded together to override the will of Ryoi and had his shares placed under the control of a hired medium name Jerri Howard, who claimed to be in communion with Ryoi's kami. This unstable trinity of power lasted for just over a decade. Howard played the swing vote on the board that kept the two siblings in check. Then, in 2061, Fuchi came tumbling down. Fuchi Pan-Europe heard Korin Yamana found a way out by marrying one of the great-granddaughters of Emori Shiawase, Mitsuko. He traded a large portion of Fuchi assets for Shiawase ones, and wormed his way on to the board of directors. Three years later, Sadato's son, Tadeshi, attempted to improve his position by marrying his daughter, Hitomi, to the Emperor Yasuhito, Child Emperor of the Japanese Imperium. That same year, 2064, was one of failure for Shiawase on a lot of fronts. Jerri Howard was found dead, and Ryoi's shares were granted to his daughter Reiko, a computing error awards 4% of Shiawase stock to a Stuffer Shack employee named James Mancuso, Shiawase's attempt to buyout rising star Novatech falls flat... Oh, and the Matrix Crash 2.0 put their hoop in the fire. A year later, Korin Yamana leads a corporate coup that leaves him as the President and CEO and Empress Hitomi as the Chairman of the Board. Together these two issue sweeping changes to the corporation which becomes known as Yamana Doctrine. As an unofficial consequence of the Yamana Doctrine, long time MFID head Ichiro Kiyomoto is replaced by the hand picked Nigel Coltrane. In 2066 Sadato Shiawase committed seppuku, and left his shares in the company to be divided between his son Tadashi and "the spirit of Shiawase". This ended up getting interpreted rather literally and a council of Shinto priests were awarded the shares as a trust for the Shiawase kami. The Shito Advisory Board immediately set itself up as a bulwark against the Yamana Doctrine. Only two events over the next two years are of much interest. James Manusco sells his shares to an anonymous buyer. Unsurprisingly the shares end up in the possession of Tadeshi, further strengthening his position on the board. The other interesting thing is that Nigel Coltrane forcibly retires the man he replaced. In 2069 though, everything comes to a head. Empress Hitomi publicly backs the Yamana Doctrine much to the chagrin of the Shinto Board. This marks the beginning of the Shiawase Shadow Wars, in which Empress Hitomi, Yamana, and the Shinto Advisory Board seek to achieve complete control of the Board of Directors. The balance stays relatively even for the first year, until in 2070 when the Great Western Dragon Rhonabwy bequeaths his shares in Shiawase to the Advisory Board, thus making their position stronger. In 2071 Hitomi, Yamana, and the Advisory board came together to announce the new business practices for Shiawase as a means of balancing power among them. This new plan is called the "Shiawase Damashii". Formally codified as the future corporate spirit of the corporation, Shiawase Damashii integrates principles of Emori, Shinto, and the Yamana doctrine. Working from a central vision of the Shiawase ideal, the Shiawase Damashii prescribes the way a good and proper Shiawase citizen thinks, acts, dresses, lives, marries, educates his children, and even dies. ==Corporate Hierarchy of Shiawase== Unlike other corporations, Shiawase's management structure places executives in charge of divisions organized by function rather than regions. The three primary divisions are Shiawase Atomics, Shiawase Envirotech, and Shiawase Biotech. ;Shiawase Atomics '''Head Office''' Washington FDC, UCAS '''Managing Director''' Christopher Keratsu '''Subsidiaries''' Shiawase Armaments ;Shiawase Biotech '''Head Office''' Tokyo, Japan '''Managing Director''' Etsu Powicke ;Shiawase Envirotech '''Head Office''' Osaka, Japan '''Managing Director''' Mamoru Shiawase '''Subsidiaries''' Arboritech CEO James Elders II Products and Services Farming, aquaculture, logging, and agricultural research Kuroyama Minerals President Erika Thyssen Products and Services Mining and processing of raw materials ;Shiawase Marketing Information and Forecasting Department (MIFD) '''Headquarters''' Osaka, Japan '''Director''' Ichiro Kiyomoto ==Major Divisions and Associated Subsidiaries and Brands== ;A-Technologies ;Desert Storm Security ;Fuchi Simsense Studios ;Hephaestus Technologies '''CEO''' Kim Su Yun '''Products and Services''' Heavy industry, chemical production and research, and manufacturing and industrial services and utilities ;Imperial Tech Services '''CEO''' San-yo Ohara '''Products and Services''' Service contracts for the Japanese government ;Resha Corporation '''Products and Services''' Transportation including UCASTrak ;Shiawase Corporation - California Free State '''Headquarters''' San Francisco '''Note''' Shiawase California is Shiawase Biotech and Shiawase Envirotech's operations in California with a common HQ ;Shiawase Health and Welfare ;Vector Matrix Services '''CEO''' Nigel Coltrane '''Products and Services''' Matrix security ;Shiawase Biofood Sensei Snacks MySoy fast foods, Nippon Noodles (Consumer Goods/Foodstuffs), Yamato Restaurants (Consumer Goods/Foodstuffs) ;Shiawase Biotech Shiawase Biodrones (Drones), Shiawase Cybernetics Shiawase-Vector (Cybernetics), Shiawase Laboratories Vasocon (Biotech/Genetech), ;Shiawase Nanotech (Nanotech/Medtech) ;Shiawase Energy Shiawase Amaterasu Solar (Energy), Shiawase Atomics (Energy), Shiawase Fuzion (Energy) ;Shiawase Envirotech Arboritech Terres Du Monde, Kuroyama Geosource Kuroyama Minerals, MegaMine (Mining/Resource Processing), SECCA Co-op Commercial Agricola (Agribusiness), Shiawase City Services (Utilities Service Provider) ;Shiawase Financial Shiawase House Bank (Banking) ;Shiawase Logistics Resha Corporation UCASTrak (Rail Transport), Shiawase Cargolifting (Shipping), Shiawase City Transports (Urban Transport), Shiawase SeaWays (Shipping) ;Shiawase Manufacturing Shiawase Advanced Robotics Abyssal Industries, Genuine Gynoids (Drones/Industrial Robotics), Shiawase Electronics Kawaii Electronics, Shiawase Sim Station (Matrix/Consumer Electronics), Shiawase Fashion Jean-Paul, Wellington Bros., Vashon Island} (Fashion/Consumer Products), ;Shiawase Industries Hephaestus Technologies (Heavy Industry/Vehicles), Shiawase Motors Hongqisama, Protoreva, Purosu (Automotive), Shiawase Toys Hello Puppy, MegaToys, Mycross Diecast (Consumer Products) ;Shiawase MediaTech Shiawase & Rubicon Advertisement (Publicity), Shiawase Simsense Studios (Media/Sim), Shiawase Vector Matrix Services SXTsoft (Matrix/Software) ;Shiawase Omnicare Reblossom Centres (Health Care), Shiawase Diagnostics euroGenetix, myGene, Senpaitek (Genetech/Pharmaceuticals), Shiawase Health Da Fang Rejuvenation Clinics, Shiawase Medical Response & Rescue (Medical Service Provider), Shiawase Welfare Shady Pines Retirement Homes, Tengoku Enclave (Health Care Service Providers) ;Shiawase Security Services Desert Storm Security (Security Service Provider), Imperial Tech Services (Miltech), Kami Consulting (Military Consultancy), ;Shiawase Armaments/Nemesis Arms (Armament) ;Shiawase Market Information & Forecasting Department ==Assets== Abroritech Vanguard Station is a mobile underwater research laboratory. Though Shiawase claims no military assets on paper, it possesses corporate warships like the ''Aohana''-class frigates. They have a small corporate unit of panzer riggers named the Shiawase Samurai. ==Index== *{{src}}, 27-29 *{{src}}, 134 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 92-101 *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src!}}, 177 *{{src&m}}, 12, 62, 87 *{{src}}, 95-96 *{{src}}, 21 *{{src}} *{{src}}, 152 *{{src}}, 24 *{{src}}, 99-100 *{{src}}, 58-59 *{{src}}, 12, 71, 92-93, 99-100 ==External Links== *http// /r/Shadowrun discussion on Shiawase {{AAACorps}} CategoryCorporations CategoryAAA Corporations deShiawase Corporation plShiawase Corporation frShiawase Corporation