'''Seretech''' is a medical company, most notable for its role in the 1999 incident (the Seretech Decision) which was a major milestone for the growth of megacorporations power.

Seretech maintained a truck convoy into the city of New York which was under siege by truckers who had started an all-out industrial action. The City suffered from massive food riots as the consequences of this situation and a rioting mob attacked the convoy which transported hazardous medical/biological waste (they were mistaken to carry food and/or drugs and medical supplies). Seretech's security utilized firearms to keep the looters off their trucks, killing several of them - but saving much more which would have died if the hazardous waste would have been released.

The government of the United States accused the company for the use of "deadly force" but the Supreme Court made the decision, that the company had any vital right to act so, to avoid greater harm from the public. This made way for the growing private armies of the megacorporations.