Seoulpa Rings

The '''Seoulpa Rings''' are a group of Korean organized crime syndicates. The Seoulpa Rings are centered around Seattle, the city being a birthplace for the organizations following the Yakuza's stateside purge of Korean members in the 2040s. The Rings have always been considered a wild card in Seattle's shadows. A Seoulpa Ring is small in size, compared to a Mafia family or Yakuza boryokudan, and tightly organized, and tend to operate individually of other Rings. They have a reputation of being ruthless and adaptive to new technologies and magics, although the Rings' power has begun to wane with the growth of the Native American mobs and the encrochment of the Vory.

==Seoulpa Rings==
*Choson Ring
*Komun'go Ring
*Northern Star Ring
*Tartarus Ring
*Divine Revenge Ring
*Phantom Lake Ring
*Red and Yellow Ring

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