FileCritter Sasquatch (color).jpg'''Sasquatch''' (''Pesvastus pilosis'') is a large furry humanoid that was declared a sentient species by the United Nations in 2042, although many nations had officially declared it sentient before then. They stand almost 3 meters tall and weigh approximately 300 kilograms, with black to dark brown body hair growing to gray and silver tips as they age. They are widely-known to have the ability to mimic almost any sound with their versatile vocal cords. Despite this mimicry, the Sasquatch seems to be unable or unwilling to learn or use a spoken language. Instead, most urban-adjusted sasquatches use some form of sign language (Perkins-Athabaskan or American Sign Language in North America, Aztlaner Sign Language and French Sign Language being common elsewhere). Sasquatches are noted to have latent magic ability, often following shamanic paths.
Early childhood last for 24 to 30 months, with life expectancy formerly predicted to be around 40 years, but now believed to be about 75.

Their natural understanding of sound and its reproduction, has allowed sasquatches so inclined to find employment as sound technicians, and entertainers. In the 2050s, a sasquatch named "Rex" (his real name is a 20 second song) held one of the 15 seats in the Tir Tairngire Council of Princes.

In 2070, the estimated worldwide population was estimated to be around 35,000. Prominent Sasquatches include the musicians Frumious and Hairy Krishna, and the Meh-Teh Lama of Pangboche Monastery. Another, Jaquline, does shadow work for Lofwyr in North America.

Sasquatches are also one of the only species other than metahumanity that may be infected by HMHVV becoming Jabberwocks, Bandersnatch, or ghouls depending on the virus strain.

See Enwontzane for African variant. And Yeti for the Asian variant.

Note the lifespans are inconsistant between various publications, so I did my best.

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