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At one second past midnight, on December 24, 2011, the following message was sent to the Shadowland BBS's introduction board

'''MESBASE''' 102/a
'''DATE/TIME''' 000001/12-24-11
Good morning world. Welcome back. Play nice. -Saeletra Nothing more from this individual has been heard from since. The message was missed in the furor of the Dragons' first appearance, but was saved by FastJack ==Index== *{{src}}, 74-75 CategoryPeople CategoryMatrix deSaeletra
So, as guessed, my name is Jérémie Bouillon. I'm the maintainer of the http// main French website about Shadowrun ; and one of the French translator of Shadowrun since its 4th edition.

I can't do much for the SixthWorld wiki, but I'm trying to give a little thing here and then.

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