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=16,900¥ (5,600R)
=Rubles (R), 3¥ = 1R

2006 Russian forces intervene in Belarus, responding to international pressure against the Belarus dictatorship’s attacks on Poland and the Baltic States.
2009 The Sovereign American Indian Movement (SAIM) seizes an American nuclear missile silo and launches a missile at Smolensk, but no nuclear detonation results. Russian president Nikolai Chelenko closes Vladivostok, Rostov and other strategic cities to civilian traffic in preparation for possible military action.
2012 An earthquake severs the Kamchatka peninsula from the mainland by creating a kilometer-wide channel.
2016 President Chelenko is assassinated, during a three-week period in which the leaders of the United States, Great Britain and Israel are picked off as well. MVD forces kill Chelenko’s assassin during a violent confrontation. News reports later paint the assassin as delusional, but conspiracy theories abound.
2018 The Trans-Polar Aleut Council claims a portion of northeastern Siberia.
2026 Boris Kropunin becomes General Secretary.
2030–31 Indigenous forces assisted by shapeshifters take over the autonomous region of Yakut, declaring independence from Russia. Interior Army forces fail to retake the territory.
2031–33 Euro Wars I. Russian forces invade Poland and drive into East Germany before being halted by the Nightwraith air strike.
2034 Euro Wars II. Alliance for Allah forces drive north through Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Russia redeploys forces in Eastern Europe southward into the Caucasus Mountains. The AfA drive stalls following the assassination of mullah Sayid Jazrir.
'''2034''' Formation of Free City of Kronstadt {{src}} p.30
2035 General Secretary Kropunin resigns over the failure of the Euro Wars. The Democratic Recovery Alliance takes power and initiates halfhearted reforms. Vladivostok, Rostov and other strategic cities closed since 2009 reopen.
2037 The National Soviet Reconstructionists defeat the Democratic Recovery Alliance in national elections after the Alliance fails to bring about economic recovery. Viktor Kantemir becomes General Secretary.
2049 Arkady Korolenko succeeds Kantemir as General Secretary.
2059 Yamatetsu relocates its corporate headquarters from Kyoto, Japan to Vladivostok, Russia.
Jan. 6, 2064 Korolenko announces his retirement due to health concerns. General Dzhermiya Ogurznev is tapped to succeed him.
Jan. 23, 2064 A Siberian rebel force known as the Sagan Zaba Brigade seizes control of Yakut territory around Lake Baykal. Rebels also secure isolated pockets of resistance in portions of western Yakut.
Feb. 11, 2064 Arkady Korolenko passes away from liver cancer. Dzhermiya Ogurznev officially assumes the title of General Secretary.
Mar. 15, 2064 While visiting Novosibirsk, Ogurznev is killed by the dragon Booryazmei in a surprise attack against Red Army forces.
==Politics== Russian National Supreme Soviet {{src}} p.84 ===Foreign relations=== *relations with Britain {{src}} p.41 *relations with Germany {{src}} p.43 ==Military== Military contracts with Mitsuhama for drones {{src}} p.60 Lofwyr buys up military surplus {{src}} p.83 ==Economy== Svobodniy Cosmodrome run by Yamatetsu {{src}} p.8{{src}} p.18 The Plesetsk Comodrome run by the Russian government {{src}} p.19 ===Corporate Presence=== *Renraku Computer Systems in Moscow {{src}} p.79 *Saeder-Krupp {{src}} p.84 *Shiawase Atomics {{src}} p.97 *Yamatetsu (HQ Vladivostok) {{src}} pp.78-80{{src}} pp.110-118 *Most other megacorporations *Pacific Prosperity Group in Vladivostok {{src}} p.107 ==Crime== ===Shadows=== *Hosts Mosaic Data Haven {{src}} pp.51-53 ===Underworld=== Organized crime {{src}} pp.73-75 ==References== ''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun'' ==Index== *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}}, 27 *{{src}}, 107 *{{srcx}} {{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}}, 32-46 CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of Europe CategoryCountries of Asia deRussische Republik frRussie plRosja