Robert Khamdeng

'''Robert "Dr. Bob" Khamdeng''' is a human DocWagon employee who started work for DocWagon in 2043 . He was heavily fined many times for saving people not under DocWagon contract. This became a human interest story, giving him his 15 minutes of fame in 2047. His great deeds of heroism landed him on the cover of Times-Ares. Robert Khamdeng did go to a few Humanis Policlub meetings, but isn't interested or affiliated with that group. In 2054, an attempt on Bob's life forced him into the shadows, where he became a shadowrunner.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Weeping Stone of Ta’bel to Khamdeng in his Dunkelzahn's Will
To Robert Khamdeng, I leave the Weeping Stone of Ta’bel and the optical chip labeled "BK-924" found in the second drawer of my writing desk at my residence in Toronto.

There is a small possibility that "Robert Khamdeng" in Dunkelzahn's Will refers to Kham the Ork, but this is very unlikely. 

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